From running everything on MS Outlook and spreadsheets to a single centralised data repository in Zoho CRM, making entering client data 60% more efficent.


Workplace Health Checks, Workplace Flu Vaccinations, Workplace Health Programs, Corporate Bodies International. At Corporate Bodies International (CBI), our vision is to create workplaces free of chronic or lifestyle related diseases. They’re aim to achieve this through the provision of a range of comprehensive workplace health and wellbeing products and services.

Corporate Bodies International provides tailored corporate health and wellbeing services to organisations Australia wide. Improving health awareness, focusing on individual behaviour and motivating employees to do something about their health, assists the workplace to reduce the risk of injury and illness.

CBI’s vision is to create workplaces free of lifestyle related disease through innovative and interactive outcome- based workplace health programs. Our staff are skilled in engaging individuals in the process of self-managing their health, and are able to translate scientific information about health, nutrition and exercise into practical advice about what to do to enhance overall health and wellbeing. CBI’s tertiary qualified health professionals have extensive experience delivering corporate health programs to all sectors of business.


  • Not able to view sales pipeline and collaborate sales related data amongst internal team members.
  • Had various spreadsheets containing customer data which was very hard to manage and report on.
  • Could not access data centrally from different offices.
  • Was running everything from MS Outlook, which becomes overwhelming.


  • OscilloSoft engages and demonstrates Zoho CRM demo on the above challenges.
  • Business Process Review – from LEAD generation to CLOSE of SALE.
  • Gathering all data requirements of each stage of the business such as categories, filters, industries
  • Migrate all the spreadsheet data in Zoho CRM – for single data repository
  • Apply security on the data based on user access
  • Create various REPORTS and DASHBOARD – Sales this month, Total Sales in Pipeline, pipeline by each BDM, New Leads by Source and Industry, Web to LEAD
  • Workflows – custom workflow built to ensure no record goes missing without adequate action by a user.


  • Eliminated all manual spreadsheets
  • Centralized all client data repositories in ZOHO CRM
  • Tangible KPI and target set
  • Team members can collaborate with ease
  • Live and accurate DASHBOARD for management
  • One more happy customer.