Eliminated reliance on excel spreadsheets and scaled up the capabilities of their CRM by moving from LeadMaster to Zoho.


Credit Counsellors is one of the most respected Personal Debt Solutions & Debt Compromise advisory businesses in Australia since 2002. Their aim is to help people regain control of client’s finances including declaring bankruptcy, dept negotiators and dept agreement. They have around 20 employees.


Credit Counsellors Australia advise client of all their options to help them make the decision that’s right for the client. Credit Counsellors are experts in the area of personal bankruptcy and can provide alternatives to help clients avoid bankruptcy.


Credit Counsellors provide a range of debt negotiation and compromise services to help eliminate clients debts and put them back in control.


Credit Counsellors Australia helps Australians to overcome the burden of unmanageable debt and put them on the path to financial prosperity again.


Credit Counsellors was using a CRM solution (LeadMaster) which had very limited functionality. They had a big database and LeadMaster was out of scope to cope up with their busy environment. They did not have the ability to have Lead and contacts separately and had to put them all in one bucket, system was slow as well. Could not see or manage lead conversion from unbounce (Facebook) pages. It was done via spreadsheet by various team members as well as third parties.

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For lead and contact management, eFinance Group had been using Excel spreadsheets with a list of names, phone numbers, emails. This caused many issues in the day to day operation of the business, such as:

  • No single source of truth – As the spreadsheets were passed around via email or physically, each team member could make changes that were not reflected in other staff’s computer.

  • Inability to see the work of team members – There was no place where a manager or staff member could login to see the work another person was currently doing. If a person was on leave, then another staff member couldn’t take over for the day, as they didn’t know where they were up to.

  • Time-consuming reporting – Reports would take too much time to generate, and were not used much.

  • Loss of data – Since there were so many spreadsheets, it became very difficult to manage them all. Hence leads and contacts with potential were being neglected.

  • Not staying in touch on the go – While on the road, staff would have to write down notes, then enter them into their computer after getting back.

  • No scalability – As the business grew, they could not keep working off spreadsheets, it was getting impossible to handle.

  • No scalability – As the business grew, they could not keep working off spreadsheets, it was getting impossible to handle.

After noting all the issues mentioned above, Juergen – Managing director at eFinance Group – decided it was time to move to a CRM. He attempted to move to Lead Master, but it did not satisfy all his requirements.

Another challenge faced by eFinance was with their email system. Previously they had been Outlook online. They then switched to Google Apps due to the extra features provided. However, emails sent from their domain were not being verified, and weren’t going through to many of their clients.

Juergen found Oscillosoft, an advanced partner of Zoho and a Google apps partner; in order to migrate to Zoho, and fix the Google Apps email issue.


Zoho CRM
API logo by Zoho

Upon making the decision to update its current process, Credit Counsellors began to evaluate possible solutions for their needs. Even through Reedy has some experience with Zoho but he wanted full solution. So OscilloSoft recommended the following:

  • Unbounce – To manage and deploy various landing pages based on segment, niche as ell as different branding etc. They had two separate Unbounce  account with over 30 landing pages, we manage and bring them all in ZOHO CRM.

  • Zoho CRM – To capture and store all LEAD related information as well as send automated emails via workflow.

Web to lead conversion:


Credit Counsellor had around 10,000 leads in the old CRM where there was limitation on modules, in ZOHO we break them down in to Lead, Contact, Potential, Accounts depending on the status which makes CRM to classified the data in a real life manner. Field customization was complex for different data type what ZOHO made easy to do. One of the main issue they had in the previous CRM is limitation on Report which is now a lot upper standers then before, now management can see the required trend of the business at the time they need it. Another major limitation of their old CRM was export and import data, all data used to be downloaded in 1 flat file now they can download the data only they need, for example if they need only the contacts to download they can now where before it was not possible. Associate the lead with campaign was difficult too what ZOHO made easy for Credit Counsellor.

There are lots of other things that ZOHO CRM helped to improve the Credit Counsellor business process and built a better relationship with clients.


Now the Credit Counsellor can see the ROI on marketing investment through the reporting. They can closely monitor which landing page is working more and the journey of lead generation to sales process. They have more collaboration within the team and clients which means they are more busy in a well structured way.

“We looked at some other CRM solutions which are a lot more expensive than ZOHO CRM but does the same thing for us. We were really impressed when saw the performance of ZOHO CRM. Its a lot faster, user friendly, email friendly and the best thing is various range of other tools like campaigns/creator gave us the impression to grow the CRM farther and it also integrate easily with google adwards. ” Matthew Youn mentions.

Jarrod Schmidt says “We are not new CRM user, we were using CRM from long time but the implementation of ZOHO CRM was extremely well with the help of Oscillosoft. Oscillosoft was well organised, knew what they are doing. Data migration from old CRM to New CRM was smooth and we didn’t loose or double entry any data. They help clean up the old data and we got a fresh new robust system where we can well define our opportunities. We went live in a short period of time with no hiccups. Spatial thanks to Ash and Oscillosoft fo their great job”

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