Communication simplified and time saved on manual entry with Oscillosoft’s implementation of a Zoho CRM database alongside Zoho Campaigns for email newsletters.


Dapcor Building Services provides integral building remedial services in Sydney to both the residential and commercial construction industry. With over 37 years experience we have gained extensive knowledge in remedial projects. Dapcor has 6 full time employees and 22 contractors.

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We lacked a central database for clients and jobs and that could easily to be searched. All our information was being duplicated either via hard copy as well as a scanned copy on the local server. It used to take a bit of time t o process a job as we had series of paper based administrative tasks which needed to complete. We could not collaborate easily and effectively specially when the staff were out of office. Everything was so manual and time intensive.


Zoho CRM
Zoho Campaign
  • Zoho CRM to manage all relationships with CLIENTS and ACCOUNTS.

  • Zoho Campaign to email monthly newsletter and blogs.

  • Centralised database to capture all activities against LEAD and ACCOUNTS (Single source for all data repository)

  • POTENTIAL module statges to provide business pipeline and status for office staff


  • By implementing above we have managed to eliminate hard copy printing and filing.

  • All process has been put into Zoho CRM – via lead and contacts.

  • 100% reduction in duplicate data entry.

  • Very simple and easy communication across team members even they are out of the office.

  • With new reporting managers can work out sales and project completing better and faster.

  • Forecast sales based on current and past data.

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