A scalable solution with over 30 landing pages to track and monitor new leads and eliminate time consuming excel sheets and email notifications from various landing pages.


Dūcere is an Australian-based online education provider offering courses in business and management. This education institution has develop the world’s foremost industry relevant higher education courses.

Delivered in partnership with universities in Australia and abroad, our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees combine comprehensively developed content with the expertise and experience of some of the world’s most successful leaders.

The result is a premium educational offering that provides students with the structure and security of a formal education, while at the same time granting unprecedented access to a Global Leaders Faculty of the world’s most successful individuals.

They also have a foundation – Dūcere Foundation – which represents altruism at its best. The Business and Management courses offered through the Dūcere organisation fully-fund the activities and initiatives activated by the Dūcere Foundation. Reflecting the notion of self-funded philanthropy, the Dūcere Foundation has the conscience of a not-for-profit, and the mindset of a global enterprise.

With staff in Australia and Africa, the Dūcere Foundation facilitates a variety of initiatives aimed at inspiring leadership, building tolerance and equality and strengthening academic results.

World-first initiatives, such as the Dūcere Peace Centre Project and the Dūcere Publishing House, are driving tremendous results through ingenuity and innovative thinking and continue to create opportunities for learning, leading and growth for disadvantaged youth in African countries.

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Ducere was looking for a solution that was comprehensive in their LEAD management to student enrolment process.

Tim Reedy, Inbound Marketing Manager at Ducere, wanted a scalable solution with over 30+ landing pages to track and monitor new leads. Ducere were using various excel sheets and along with email notifications from various landing pages made the process very time-consuming. Then once LEAD is converted staffs at Ducereenters each student into their Learning Management System (LMS). There were collaboration issues, version control, lack of ownership and more importantly lack of reports & analytics.

In addition to this challenges, Tim has a very special requirement on marketing engagement with a lead. From the inceptions of lead it will go through 31 days of various SMS and/or emails at different days and time to ensure the lead is engaged until converted. They have a very comprehensive LEAD life cycle.

“I have been looking for SMS, email, web to lead and a CRM solution for a while. I couldn’t find something that is complete. I had major interest in Zoho as I was aware of its CRM capabilities but Zoho CRM didn’t provide everything I wanted out of the box. So we were looking at various partners and consultants. However no one understood my requirements until we came across OscilloSoft,” he explains.

As a result of these challenges, Ducere made the decision to engage with OscilloSoft to build a full solution making Zoho CRM as centralised repository.


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Upon making the decision to update its current process, Ducere began to evaluate possible solutions for their needs. Even through Reedy has some experience with Zoho but he wanted full solution. So OscilloSoft recommended the following:

  • Unbounce – to manage and deploy various landing pages based on segment, niche etc.

  • DirectSMS – An Australian based SMS provider to manage SMS’s via API gateway.

  • Zoho CRM – to capture and store all LEAD related information a well as send automated emails via workflow .

  • Zoho Creator – to integrate direct sms and Zoho CRM. Send SMS directly from Zoho CRM, Manage SMS templates, all SMS and EMAILS against the lead notes and tasks for easy tracking and KPI reporting.

  • Zoho Creator – to manage student enrolment process and push data into LMS

“We also looked at Salesforce, but we really wanted flexible contract terms, which would give us flexibility increase or decrease our saleforce. Also Salesforce CRM felt clunky, licensing is very expensive and the add-ons are even more expense, you always need an expert to help you,” Reedy says. “We were quite attracted to the fact that Zoho is much more simple and easy to use without the need of IT expert on every single change or update”

Based on these factors, the organisation made the decision to go Zoho. Because Ducere outsources its IT services, it knew that it would need the help of a partner to manage the implementation. After searches and various evaluations OscilloSoft was chosen.

“OscilloSoft was extremely knowledgeable and very clearly set up a project plan for us that we were able to modify for our needs,” Reedy mentions.

With the help of OscilloSoft, Ducere rolled out Zoho in three phases.

Phase 1

  • SMS integration with directsms via Zoho Creator. Enable users to create series of SMS templates for different days for the LEAD lifecycle.

  • Email workflow in Zoho CRM for different days for the LEAD lifecycle

  • Customisation of ZOHO CRM

Phase 2

  • Student enrolment application form via Zoho creator. So sales rep can be on the road and enroll new potential students.

Phase 3

  • Integration with Moodle (Learning Management System). Once the enrolment form is submitted via Zoho creator will auto push into Moodle (LMS), which will create a user with all the enrolment details in real time so duplicate data entry.

Once the go-live was complete, OscilloSoft provided training via online sessions and continuing to work with roll out many more enrolment platforms.


  • Boosted efficiency by at least 50%

  • Accelerated reporting, saving six to eight hours per week.

  • Enabled Ducere to get real time data and insights.

  • Automation from lead to enrolments.

  • Easy 1 click reporting instead of various spreadsheets.

Now that Zoho is in place, Ducere is adjusting well to the new environment. Reedy reports that some of the users were wary of the new solution at first, but adoption has since climbed due to the high level of training provided by OscilloSoft.

“I think the biggest challenge for us is to making it all sync together so we can attain the 360 degree view of a record.” Reedy says.

“Our users are now self sufficient and not dependent on IT to take action and collaborate which had immediate positive impact,” he explains.

As a result of this early success, Reedy shares that Ducere will continue to evaluate how it can extend its use of Zoho to make business process more automated and centralised.

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