Edugate Gateway – Zoho CRM Customer Case Study

We used Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator to help Edugate scale their operations as their demand outgrew their old PHP-MySql application.


Edugate is an established education consultancy providing an honest and reliable service for international students to facilitate their education pathway and help them gain admission to the institution of their choice. Founded in 2006, Edugate has gained a long term experience with a global perspective. The  knowledgeable consultants provide unique educational services to students from all walks of life.

Edugate provides student consulting, course selection, visa processing and students’ transition into living, studying and working in Australia. Edugate currently has six branches in five different countries with 26-50 employees. Their Head Office is located in Sydney. Due to the growth in business and increase in data, Edugate felt the need for a better application and working system that had an extensive range of features and was easy to utilise. Their use of PHP-MySQL platform did not help with the requirements.

Edugate logo by OscilloSoft


Edugate developed a custom application on PHP-MySQL platform, which had limited features to support their business process. But as the business grew their previous software was unable to cope with the evolving business process and need of efficiency. Another issue that Edugate were facing was the deficiency in staff collaboration. Staff carried out the inconvenient manual task of finding out the details of a particular student’s commission or whether an invoice had been issued or not. This proves that their previous system was very complicated and unstructured. Edugate’s accountant says, “We have a few Excel sheets and computer applications, however the process to calculate commission is different for every student. Some institutes pay up front and some pay in installments. Sometimes we don’t get paid because a student would cancel their enrolment or may request for a refund due to a rejection of their student visa. The data was unorganised and everywhere with an improper repository or method to put them together”. Subsequent to these problems, Edugate started to look for an alternative application. The CEO says, “Our business grew fast but we were running behind on technology. I looked for a lot of vendors and alternate options, but none of them were good enough to impress me with an effective solution.”


Zoho CRM
Workflow by Zoho

Edugate were in need of a more appropriate solution for their business needs. This is when they discovered Oscillosoft. It turned out that the pitch and solutions offered with Zoho is exactly what Edugate needed. First, Edugate integrated their existing data to Zoho CRM, which helped cover 80% of Edugate’s business needs. The remaining 20% were covered by the easy use of Zoho Creator. Upon making the decision to update their current process, Edugate began to evaluate all the possible solutions for their needs. Thus, OscilloSoft recommended the following:

  • Zoho CRM – Potential to provide Edugate with a 360 degree view of the company’s sales cycle and business pipeline. It is a centralised database repository for all Leads, Contacts and Potential contacts which they use for their everyday business operations. Zoho CRM is now being used by 20+ agents of Edugate all over the world with each of them consisting of their own view (restricted data access).

Edugate CRM bar graph by Oscillosoft
Edugate CRM Contacts
  • ZOHO Creator – Receives information from Zoho CRM and pushes it back after calculations. ZOHO Creator is an easy-to-use platform that lets users build custom apps for unique business requirements with little to no coding experience needed. Additionally, operates in the cloud and is highly compatible with any device via the internet.

  • Work flow – Automatic work flow is executed when a business rule comes into effect.

Edugate’s complex commission calculation system

The following tasks have now become easier and editable with the implementation of Zoho’s solutions:

  • Automatic Scheduling of Tuition fee payment
  • Single student commission calculation
  • Institute wise multiple student commission calculation
  • Sent invoice to institute as PDF attachment
  • Invoice cancellation, edit, revise
  • Bonus Calculation
  • Refund
  • Email alert for due and expiry dates

Now Edugate implements email alerts, a more efficient accounting system and other plugins offered by Oscillosoft with a plan to develop more modules. Edugate receives commission and bonuses for their student enrolments with different institutes (customers). They have all their student information in Zoho CRM and all the accounts information in the accounting software Xero.

Edugate CRM Invoices

See the invoice details

Edugate CRM optimization by OscilloSoft

Invoice Details Page

Edugate CRM optimization


Result from Cloud CRM

According to Edugate, Zoho gave them a lot of flexibility with features that were beyond their expectations. Many aspects of the business are now clear to them – they have access to monthly KPI, dashboard views and performance reports, which they love as it keeps their Zoho system organised. It increased their teamwork performance and boosted sales by 50%. They have grown from 5 users to 20 users in 1 year, which means the business more than doubled in the last year thanks to the solutions of Zoho.

Customers are happy because they can see Edugate’s improvement in professionalism. The staff and employees are happy because they can now work more easily on their tasks and feeds based on their assignment. Stakeholders are impressed as they help the sales representatives focus solely on sales rather than on other administrative tasks. Business decisions are now made with confidence due to the cloud and mobile version accessibility improvements. Feedback and customer satisfaction are now easier to track through the use of communication channels with the customers such as email and data sharing.

Result from Cloud Custom Application

Edugate can now save almost 3 hours every week due to the new processes that relieve their inhouse accountant from searching for the required information for commission calculation. The tedious task of scheduling and finding institutes have now become faster and easier, which helps save on manpower and cost spent on the extra hours on a weekly basis. The cloud based application allows them to access the application outside the office on any device. Zoho Creator license is more economical than CRM so they save a considerable amount of money on licensing. This makes it simpler, as they can now assign CRMs to the employees who aren’t on the commission only work system. Their overall performance increased by 40% correlated with the implementation of the new Zoho applications.