We combined Zoho CRM, API Integration, Web to Lead, Eventbrite, Webhook for the ideal sales and marketing solution.


Global Compact Network Australia (GCNA) is an organisation that brings together Australia-based signatories to the UN Global Compact, including some of the leading companies, non-profit organisations, and universities in the country in order to advance corporate sustainability, as well as to boost the private sector’s contribution to sustainable development.

GCNA achieves its goal by using a special platform for dialogue, learning, influence, and action that is inclusive, practical, and cutting edge. This is to support the practical implementation efforts of local companies and organisations to bring the UN Global Compact to life in the Australian context and to places where Australian companies operate.

To fulfil its goals, the organisation is keen on using Zoho CRM that will consolidated their pre-sales and marketing processes so they can bring and access all information in one place. This is to improve efficiency and teamwork, as well as to provide higher visibility on day to day activities.



Due to a lack of a working CRM, GCNA has been using Excel spreadsheets containing a list of names and emails to manage accounts, contacts, leads, and other relevant data. This often results in reduced productivity and efficiency and other many issues that negatively affect GCNA’s day to day operations.

  • No single source of accurate data – since the spreadsheets were shared via email or physically among many users, each team member could make modifications that would not be reflected in other staff member’s computer.

  • No collaboration – collaborating with other members of the staff is a challenge since there is no single place or platform that would allow them, especially the manager, to see what another person is doing. Also, if a person was on leave, it would be impossible for another team member to take over for the day because they didn’t know what the former was doing prior to their absence.

  • Increased risk of data loss – since spreadsheets were being passed around to each member of the staff, data loss was inevitable. As a result, contacts, leads, and potentials could be lost or neglected.

  • Creating reports take too much time – since there were so many spreadsheets the staff needed to consider and use as reference, creating reports was usually a time-consuming experience.

  • Everything was done manually – Key business processes were not automated. For instance, if the company wants to send event invitations to certain segments or retarget people who didn’t attend an event they organised, they would have to do everything manually.

  • Sending event invitations and accessing Everbrite data are time-consuming.

After taking all the above-mentioned issues into consideration, management at GCNA decided that using a CRM system would benefit their organisation more. GCNA found and contacted OscilloSoft, an advanced partner of Zoho, to help them migrate all data to Zoho CRM.


Zoho CRM, API Integration, Web to Lead, Eventbrite, Webhook

  • Zoho CRM was chosen because it is cost-effective and offers a lot of features. It has intuitive user interface and has local partners to help with implementation, training, and support.

  • Because Zoho CRM is on the cloud, collaborating and sharing data with other users is a quick, convenient, and hassle-free experience. It allows staff members to access information on any contact or leads from any device with Internet connection.

  • The risk of data loss is reduced significantly because each user is working directly working with the CRM. Also, Zoho CRM’s servers are backed up 24/7.

  • OscilloSoft added a custom form on GCNA’s website to make it easier to add new leads to the CRM.

  • With Zoho CRM, GCNA can store all types of Contacts in just a single repository. Since there are no records limit, users can store as much contact or leads as they want.

  • Sales representatives are trained and required to log all their phone calls, tasks, and events in the CRM. Reports will be prepared to easily monitor the activity of all sales reps.

  • Various marketing automation will take place once a Lead has been converted into a Potential.

  • With Zoho CRM and Web to Lead, users can set targets or timeframes for each stage in a lead or potential. Sales staff are then required to move the Lead/Potential from that stage within that timeframe.

  • Zoho CRM is integrated with Google, allowing users to send email directly from the CRM. With Google integration, GCNA will also be able to create email templates that users can select and send with just a few clicks.

  • Zoho CRM is also integrated with Eventbrite through an app from Zoho Marketplace. This plugin or app will sync events and attendee with the CRM on a regular basis with the CAMPAIGNS/CONTACT module. Once the contacts have been synced, users can send emails to different segments or based in different workflow.


GCNA management and employees were very happy and satisfied with Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM contributed to an increased productivity and efficiency by enhancing collaboration, eliminating manual processes, and improving visibility and tracking of leads and accounts. Specifically:

  • Both management and staff were able to save a considerable amount of time and effort when performing day to day tasks.

  • Reporting is quicker and much easier to accomplish.

  • Users now have a full 360 view of all interactions with contacts.

  • Staff can now get visuals and reporting of their campaigns and event attendance in their CRM.

  • With Zoho CRM being on the cloud, GCNA employees can now view, make changes, and add notes to contacts, leads and accounts. They can also log phone calls, as well as add or view tasks on any device, anytime and anywhere as long as they have Internet access.

  • The staff can now easily and conveniently track event attendance in the CRM with Eventbrite integration.

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