A sales and marketing organisation remodel their internal business processes to uphold business goals

Oscillosoft successfully provided solutions from Zoho for better sales management and sales closure rate with customised online reporting


Hannah Direct Group (HDG) is a sales and marketing organisation located in various cities across Australia and New Zealand. Established over 25 years ago, they now have a vast team of over 100 employees and contractors. The organisation specialises in door-to-door marketing campaigns for various business sectors such Hair & Beauty, Automotive, Restaurants and many more.

Their well thought out marketing programs adds more value to new customers. It effectively helps partner businesses increase savings through maximising results and brand awareness. Their aim is to connect businesses to their potentially loyal and dedicated client base who want high-quality and value-for-money products and services.


At Hannah Direct Group, the marketing concept and strategies potentially leave partners and customers satisfied. The organisation successfully develops customer loyalty programs that benefit the partner businesses and their customers. However, the organisation found the need to increase their success rate by improving their internal business processes. They observed that there were various flaws in their day-to-day activities and administrative tasks.

  • Their biggest concern was the uncertainty and apprehensions of data security within the organisation. A large amount of client and customer data were prone to breach due to the lack of better data management and security measures

  • The top management at the organisation did not have complete visibility and knowledge on progress of new business projects in the pipeline.

  • The organization observed disarray in managing two separate business lines with all data saved in single system

  • The data available was inefficiently stored and tracked in various excel spreadsheets and applications with minimal cross functional collaborations

  • The organisation also experienced a scarcity of appropriate high performance tools to integrate leads, campaigns and customer relationship programs. This impacted their ability to understand and decipher the available business data for their clients

  • Unable to reduce the duplication of work and data entry within the systems of the sales administration team which costed them manpower and time.

  • The teams of marketing, lead generation, sales and other business segments lacked collaboration which impacted the daily functioning and coordination of tasks

  • The sales administration team mostly focused on tedious administrative tasks instead of sales closures and client management


Hannah Direct aspired to improve the ability of their clients to launch new products with high cost effectiveness. The experienced and skilled sales representatives that form the heart of Hannah Direct Group, promote marketing programs to new customers. In order to meet all goals and client requirements, the organisation scoped out their areas of improvement.

The organisation was in the search for a CRM that would help integrates sales, contact management, operational tasks, marketing campaigns and reporting. To help the top management and sales team prioritize actions and drive a high sales closure rate, Hannah Direct aimed to obtain a better customized online reporting feature. The organisation wanted to eliminate excessive hours spent on administrative tasks with a single scalable unified system for all data processes, repository and management. Hannah Direct searched for ways to improve productivity within all teams through the use of a system that would automate task flow and monitor all marketing campaigns.

The team of Hannah Direct discovered Oscillosoft with a quick search on Google. Oscillsoft is Zoho’s Premium Grade Partner in Australasia that aims at providing high commitment to the success of projects. With the help of Oscillosoft’s range of business solutions and applications using the Zoho Platform, it was easier to identify and fix the challenges. After Oscillosoft’s expert consultation, the solutions of Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns were implemented into their business processes. Zoho perfectly adapted and remodeled the organisation’s functions resulting in timely improvements.

Zoho CRM: Serves as an overall core system for customer management and gives a 360 degree view of the clients across all touchpoints. History of email, SMS, invoice issues, marketing and much more are all viewed in one system

Zoho Campaigns: Perfectly works for email marketing and circulation of e-newsletters with custom curated target lists from Zoho CRM. It is based on the customer’s activity and sales life cycle.


With the implementation and use of Zoho’s solutions, Hannah Direct Group’s team now find it easier to focus on closing deals with new clients and have gained high visibility on the new businesses and projects in the pipeline.

Zoho CRM helped in easy migration of large data. With a better and more efficient use of Zoho CRM, Hannah Direct discovered the quickest way to dismiss the use of manual spreadsheets and switched to an improved viewpoint of all data captured. Zoho Campaigns are regularly used for email communication among all clients and customers. Circulating monthly E-newsletters regarding the company’s updates and various customer retention strategies is now just a few quick steps.

All systems and applications are unified by using a single source of data repository and retention. With the reduction in duplicate data entry and manual work hours spent on data management, the organization sees great improvements in the quality of services they can offer to their customers and partner businesses. One of the major differences and improvements that has been observed post project implementation is the flawless real time communication among team members across various states of Australia. This boosted the security and collaboration among staff members across all locations.

The organisation has refocused their spotlight to improving the quality of marketing strategies and functions instead of better data management among different systems. Top management of the organisation now have a clearer view of the progress on each new client as well as can closely track sales and marketing investments. With Zoho, they now maintain a detailed dashboard to articulate the realities and choke points of the business. The sales team concentrates on lead generation and client follow ups with every enquiry received online – either from sales installations or service calls. The world-class Zoho platform and the team of Oscillosoft has proven to be a winning combination for Hannah Direct Group in achieving the desired goals in the business.

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