Find out how OscilloSoft helped a large health industry client make better-informed affiliate decisions by an encrypted, secure and customized CRM process.


Healthcare is doctors and patients. It’s as simple as having a flaming foot and being able to go to the local doctor’s office the next day to get it checked out. But what happens when the condition turns out to be more than just a common cold and large sums are incurred in medical costs?

That’s the question health insurance companies like our client strives to answer. 

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses. ” – Source

They make sure that the patients are ensured well enough to afford medical costs and when they need to be able to access the necessary resources to ensure an effective recovery.

And that’s where our clients come from. They’re based at the epicentre of the insurance game, ensuring both their clients and business contemporaries are looked after.


Working with multiple clients and franchises all across the country, the clients realised that the given out of the box CRMs and Portals simply weren’t complex and versatile enough for them. They required a means of managing all their particular business processes without any compromise to the stability and security of the software. 

A feat that led them to OscilloSoft.

From specifying multifaceted CRM customizations, like specific lead assignment rules and custom integrations, to setting up a vigorously secured, pen tested advisory portal infrastructure for their clients, OscilloSoft helped carry their many visions into fruition.

The crux of the client’s challenges can be categorized into 3 parts. Or each third of a wheel. 

Customer Advisory Portal - Diagram
First Challenge – CRM Customization

The first challenge revolved around the functionality of their CRM and catering it towards their specific needs. 

  • An efficient way to sort out as a health industry company, they needed an efficient way to sort out a consistently large number of leads and a means to keep advisors up to date with information regarding their patients. 

  • Incorporating their specific business and admin processes into one central system through which everything can be operated.

Second Challenge – GoBookings

The second challenge, or the underbelly of the wheel, branches of their need to adapt their individual process into the system and requires effective and secure integration of the new system with their existing booking application, GoBookings

  • Funnelling all bookings made into the relevant CRM fields

  • Incorporating their specific business and admin processes into one central system through which everything can be operated.

Third Challenge – Advisory Portal

The last sector of their “wheel of requirements” was an advisory portal.

  • An independent, view-only portal enabling advisors to access a list of their existing referrals. 

  • Information pulled from the advisory details fields made into the customized CRM system.

  • Display multiple channels of information from client reports to training materials. 

  • Emphasis on the infrastructure and security of the portal, ensuring that all data transactions were encrypted, login authentication and practically 0 down-time.


CRM Customizations

Given the client’s comprehensive requirements, significant changes needed to be made to the client’s Zoho CRM. Having started off with their own version of the CRM, the client’s needed a full upgrade matching their requirements followed by a complete data migration.

So to meet the high level nature of their requirements, an extensive list of solutions were conducted by OscilloSoft :

  • Lead Assignment Modules

  • Lead Conversion Modules

  • Advisor Details & Modules

  • Burst SMS Extension

  • ClickSend Extension

  • GoBookings Integration

  • System Data Centre Migration

  • User Assignments and Record Updates

  • Ongoing CRM Support

As such, the solutions proposed comprehensively addressed each challenge and requirement on the client’s end.

Lead Rules, Lead Assignment Modules and Conversions

With Lead Rules, Lead Assignment Modules and Conversions, the client’s were given a way to deal with their voluminous number of daily leads in automation and versatility.

In effect, these customizations put any incoming leads through an automatic filtering process, extracting relevant information and categorising them based on a set of criteria outlined by the client.

Relevant features include custom fields, automatic conversions, SalesIQ generations and criteria based accounts, deals and contact mapping.

Advisory Details Module

The Advisory Details Module addresses the second part of that requirement. It sorts out and filters all advisors and referrals coming into the system, recording their basic information, and linking each advisor to their corresponding referral. These are done by employing custom fields set up specifically for advisors and their referrals. The fields are then linked to an external tool that outlines the basic information for advisors, formally known as The Customer Advisory Portal.

The remaining customizations addressed the second facet of the first challenge. How to incorporate the client’s specific business process into one, fully functional CRM system.

SMS Extensions

Their existing booking and SMS processes posed a particular challenge as each required a separate extension to be made to the system itself. The client used Burst SMS, ClickSend and GoBookings to smoothen the online and over-the-phone booking process for their clients and we used the relevant API platforms to enable their use through their CRM. 

OscilloSoft already had existing extensions for BurstSMS & ClickSend so the GoBookings Integration was required to be made from scratch.

System Data Centre Migration

Finally, given their already existing leagues of data, they required an extensive System Data Centre Migration onto their new CRM system, and ongoing support for the nitty gritty’s and additional requirements surfaced by the dynamically evolving nature of the health insurance industry.

As a result, this case study will focus on two of the more focused and specific proponents of this project, The Customer Advisory Portal & The GoBookings Integration.



The GoBookings integration connects the client’s primary booking software with their customized Zoho CRM, providing an effective and secure data transaction between the two.

As per the requirements, the client was looking for a way to populate the booking information straight from GoBookings into the CRM fields and automate the process as well. They needed a way to make sure that when a patient books a time that the relevant advisors are aptly notified and made ready for the appointment. 

So OscilloSoft approached this by utilising GoBookings and Zoho CRM’s API interface, facilitating a prompt data flow between the apps. 


The integration is made to reduce the number of steps required in transferring the data between the applications. So once the booking is made in GoBookings, the portal code sends it directly to the CRM. This is where a deal and contact for the booker and an event for the advisor is created.

GoBookings Zoho CRM Process

As a result, this integration works just like the rest of our integrations, through a mediatory integration portal. This portal is typically the backend of the integration, involving the multitude of webhooks and API code used to facilitate the integration, but due to the more complex nature of this extension, a corresponding front-end “control centre” portal was developed.

This front-end portal enabled the clients to manage the data push and independently alter the settings of the extension. From specifying user mapping settings to scheduling auto-syncs, it enables an extensive list of features :

  • User Mapping : Mapping users in GoBookings to Users in CRM

  • Webservice Settings : Setting up CRM & GoBooking Credentials

  • Sync Logs : Extensive records of the syncs

  • Manual Sync : Facilitate syncs based on a range of booking dates.

  • Auto Sync: Schedule automatic syncs 

Customer Advisory Portal

The Customer Advisory Portal is how OscilloSoft addressed the client’s requirement for effective and secure communication with their advisors. 

The solution involved a comprehensive list of impressive features including a pull of CRM data into the portal for a view-only interface to the advisors, routing in login authentication protocols to ensure confidentiality and producing a stable infrastructure ensuring 0 downtime and 24/7 accessibility of the portal.

As a result, the portal became a core requirement to keep track and ensure effective communication between clients and referrals without compromising the security and integrity of the data. 

The facets of this solution can be broken down into 4 distinct parts :

  • Login Credentials 

  • The Portal 

  • Infrastructure

  • Deployment Process

The solution posed can be depicted in a process flow as shown in the diagram.

Login Credentials

Beginning with the Login, the advisors are assigned specific credentials and roles that trigger Open ID connect authentication protocols to let them in. 

  • User Credentials independently assigned by the client.

  • Open ID Connect Authentication Protocol established.

  • User Accessibility settings ensure independent control of the software by our client.

Advisory Portal Features

Once the protocol verifies the credentials, the advisor is then able to view their referral data, which is pulled from the CRM based on corresponding advisor codes. This was achieved through a rest API platform and made sure that the information was being sourced from the CRM and only displayed in the portal. These displayed bits of information included everything from the patients first and last names to their medical histories and was made sure to be only editable by specific users within the CRM, so as to preserve the integrity of the data.

  • Read-Only Referral Views

  • Customizable fields pulled from the CRM, including names, emails, addresses, consultants, history etc.

  • Reports dashboard from Zoho CRM analytics is displayed.

  • Reports displayed and pulled by an Integration with Zoho Analytics.

  • Referrals manually bookable through Zoho CRM using GoBookings.

  • Marketing resources

  • Training material.

  • Non-local store of information. All information pulled from the CRM.

  • Data pulled using User Accessibility codes.


Despite the primary front-end functionality being achieved with the portal, the confidential nature of the data required a customized AWS infrastructure to be set up around it. This was done to address data storage, security, portal runtime and CRM integration concerns, all of which were crucial in the effective working of the portal. The portal’s infrastructure was then further pen tested to verify its stability.

  • EC2 Application instance back ups set up using load balancing and auto-scaling procedures.

  • Verified Data stores set up, e.g. Amazon Aurora DB, etc.

  • Oauth2 Protocol authorised to validate data integration with Zoho CRM.

  • Encryption protocols set up to secure the data integration with Zoho CRM.

  • Rigorous Pentesting conducted and passed

Deployment Process

One other crucial element of the portal was independent patch deployments from OscilloSoft without any access to the live data. This was necessary to warrant the client’s security and confidentiality concerns and resulted in using Bitbucket to deploy codes into the server systems, through which an automatic deployment of the code would be achieved.

  • Bitbucket employed

  • Automatic deployment process without access to the AWS infrastructure


As a result of OscilloSoft’s solutions, the health industry client managed to translate their process into the CRM and work with their advisors and clients through their centrally developed system with ease.

In response to the effectiveness and success of the solution, the client further showed interest in employing OscilloSoft’s technical expertise to curate a model franchisable CRM to help extend a “holistic system, catered to the health insurance industry” to other independent entities within the industry.

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