Zoho CRM for a Migration Services Company


Our client is a company in Australia providing services to individuals seeking Education Visas and Migration Visas in Australia.

Below is a business process flow of the client:

Business Process Flow of Immigration Services Company

Prior to moving to Zoho, they were using network shares in the office to share documents, as well as (scattered) spreadsheets.


They had never used a CRM, rather they have been working off a network drive, scattered spreadsheets, and manual notes. This caused many issues in the day to day operation of the business, such as:

  • Difficulty in getting forms filled –  Migration and Education visa assessment forms (completed by their clients) needed to be emailed to clients, who would print them, fill them, sign, scan, and send back. This was a cumbersome process.

  • No single source of truth – Data for clients was on many spreadsheets in the company, that were passed around on the network drive or via email. Each staff member could make changes that weren’t reflected on other colleagues’ computers.

  • Poor Collaboration – There was no place where a manager or staff member could login to see the work another person was currently doing. If a person was on leave, then another staff member couldn’t take over for the day, as they didn’t know where they were up to.

  • Loss of data – Since there were so many spreadsheets, it became very difficult to manage them all. Hence accounts and contacts with potential were being neglected.

  • No scalability – As the business grew, they could not keep working off spreadsheets, it was getting impossible to handle.

  • No Automation of business processes – Since all the work was being done using emails and spreadsheets, there was no automation of business processes, such as automatically sending emails, automatically triggering alerts or notifications based on certain potential stages, etc.


Zoho CRM, WordPress, API Integration,  SAASU integration

  • Zoho CRM was chosen due to its low cost but great feature set; its intuitive interface; the availability of local partners for implementation, training and support; and the native mobile applications for Zoho CRM on iOS and Android.

  • WordPress forms were built for “Migration Visa Assessment” and “Education Visa Assessment”. The forms were integrated to Zoho CRM using Zoho’s rich API. Staff could send out any form from Zoho CRM with the click of a button, and the results would be stored as a PDF attachment in the record.

  • Since Zoho CRM is on the cloud, client no longer had collaboration or limited access issues. All data was stored on Zoho CRM, along with relevant attachments, notes, and emails. Each staff member was able to access information on any contact from any internet-connected device anywhere.

  • Zoho CRM gave greater visibility to management on what each staff member was working on. It also improved collaboration between staff as they had full visibility from any client’s record in CRM.


Staff were quite satisfied with the new system after it was implemented.

  • They could now access their customer information anywhere, and it empowered them to work from home

  • The staff could collaborate much better and take over for colleagues where necessary

  • The forms automation saved staff and their clients tons of time and increased customer satisfaction

Management was also pleased with the outcome:

  • Reports were easy to create in Zoho CRM and could be generated with the click of a button

  • Management’s dashboards in CRM showed at a glance the current position of the company, and also the performance of various staff

  • Management was confident the new cloud system would enable them to expand further over the next few years

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