Less expensive than Salesforce, Oscillosoft’s combination of Zoho CRM, Workflow and Web to Lead allowed for scaling up to support increasing demand and more effective email collaboration.


Inhouse Granny Flats is a builder company specialized in building granny flats. Their slogan is “we’re not better, we’re different” in building Granny Flats. Another favorite quality is their custom design process, which allows every client the opportunity to design their own granny flat layout with the guided help of their builders and architect. They are very Quick, 100% council approval rate, Best rate for your budget, easy payment options. Inhouse Granny Flat has a showroom located at Castle Hill where anyone can walk through, feel, touch and see all the inclusions they will be providing to the customer before commit to buy. This way, they adamant the clients will be 100% satisfied with what we are offering to you.

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They had a CRM System “Pipedrive” which was not good enough to support the increasing demand of in house granny flat’s sales, marketing and admin staff. It was ok when they started but realise a lots of features missing in the CRM which comes as standard to compete the sales market.

Inhouse Granny Flats have a 3’rd party provided website from Have a look which is not fully customizable and every time they have a led from website it comes to their info email. Then there is not much tress of the status of the lead which came in through to generate this lead into customer. Tony the owner of the company says “We are spending more than 50,000$ a year for marketing but not getting the clear output picture of it, Our staff collaboration is a big gap and we are depending on each other manually a lot than using smart technology like for the site inspection some one from office needs to call or inspector needs to come to office to get the site list and SMS or email the address which is a big time killing process “

They were using our office boards by hand writing the progress of the clients sales pipeline and a lot of excel files to keep the records. It was so hard to maintain that they even delete the leads as there is no time to nurture them and no record of where this client was up to.

The process is very straight forward:
Send information pack once receive a request from client.
Call and follow up the client set a site inspection.
Prepare the quote with design as per client’s choice and budget
Start the construction

In this process flow the client needs to be contacted and increase the potential pipe line where there was a big gap and competitors were taking advantages. Whole business was relying on Tony a lot as there were no work flow rules.

Jess the office administer explains” We need to see the reports, dashboards to know the business performance and who is doing what? If one lead is idle for more than 2 days or a potential for 4 days, I need to know and take action based on that, we could not do it as we had no application to do this kind of operation”


Zoho CRM
Workflow by Zoho

Upon making the decision to update its current process, Inhouse Granny Flats began to evaluate possible solutions for their needs. Even through Reedy has some experience with Zoho but he wanted full solution. So OscilloSoft recommended the following:

  • Zoho CRM – To capture and store all LEAD related information as well as send automated emails via work flow. Centralized repository to all the lead, contact and potential.

  • Web to Lead – To allow the all the leads come straight to CRM and avoid any double entry and get notification to admin and client for the lead straight away.

  • Work Flow – Create work flow for various businesses needs to automate business process.


“Email collaboration is one of the best things we loved in Zoho CRM, now we can see who told what to which client. We get few time wasting clients too and from our experience we can find out them. CRM Feed and email alert helps me to organize my work.” explains Kevin the office executive. Tony was looking for a solution for CRM and looked for the Sales force but it was too expensive for us plus we need a consultant to build the system for us which was extremely expensive. Luckily I find ash through one of my business partner’s reference and he and his team built the whole system very quick. We start testing the system in one week and unbelievably with in 3 week we went live production, explains Tony.

  • If a Lead comes, receives the information pack straight from auto response

  • Email notification to Office users to take care of the lead

  • Campaigns to old leads to make them customer

  • Email templates to save repetitive emails

They were doing average 200 developments a year now by using this modern ZOHO CRM hoping to do up to 250 projects a year which is a great boost to our business and growth. We are planning to develop our document check lists and forms by Oscillosoft in ZOHO platform for out next phase.

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