Google Apps tightly integrated with Zoho CRM enabling Single Sign On login.


We are a Melbourne based boutique property investment consultancy founded on thorough research and market intelligence. We specialise in providing high quality boutique off the plan developments in locations with strong capital growth potential. With over 20 years of industry knowledge and know-how, our clients are able to make informed, calculated decisions regarding their investments by leveraging our extensive research, networks & experience.


The business needed a complete solution to manage its client base from Pre-Sales to all way to back office operation. Form the web-site and seminar it would generate leads which needs to be nurtured and educated on the services. Once converted and won it needs to go via various sets of tasks and stages in order to close the sale. A life-cycle of the client is around 2 years form inception. There are many tasks and milestones which are needed to complete the deal. We needed a system that covers all these functions with simplicity and ease.


Google Apps for our email platform and tightly integrated with ZOHO which means we can login using SSO (Single Sign On).

We needed a solution that covers our business process from pre-sales to all the way to back office opertion. OscilloSoft has provided us just that using Zoho platfrom

– Matt Philips, Marketing Manager


  • New leads are captured directly in the CRM via web2lead which gets assigned to designated team member.

  • All LEADS and contacts are stored in the CRM, single source of truth.

  • Zoho CRM provides us with complete visibility of the prospect life-cycle.

  • With zoho workflow we have automated marketing brochures to our prospect which triggers straight form zoho CRM.

  • Once the potential is won – Zoho projects is used to manage operational side of the business which has multiple milestone and tasks/checklist.

  • Zoho reports used to analyse data in projects and CRM.

  • One platform one solution complete package.

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