Zoho helps with data management for an innovative pipeline and infrastructure organisation for better collaboration and reporting.

Oscillosoft established a new CRM with Zoho for a 360-degree view of data stored, effective reporting, reduction of manual work and duplication entry of data.


ITS Pipetech, which was acquired by Downer Pipetech in 2017,  is a pipe and water rehabilitation company that has a strong design and civil construction skill set. They are an industry leader delivering complex and successful projects, innovative solutions, strong project management, and a commitment to comprehensive processes and systems.

The business has over 70 employees with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. Downer PipeTech provides pipeline rehabilitation solutions to the water and wastewater industry, local government, industrial & mining markets. The dedicated and skilled staff have the training, project experience, and capability to deliver a wide variety of ‘world’s best practice’ infrastructure solutions for the rehabilitation of water and wastewater networks. The organisation provides cost effective solutions from a small pipe repair to multi-disciplined large scale projects for water utilities, rail, mining, oil, and energy.

Downer PipeTech is committed to keeping abreast of technology and market trends through a network of equipment and material supply partners locally and internationally. All products and procedures are subject to scrutiny through both internal and external parties. This guarantees delivery of great value consistent with client expectations in terms of serviceability and long term performance while ensuring the safety and welfare of our employees, the end user and the general public.

ITS PipeTech Logo by Zoho


Downer PipeTech lacked an easy-to-use CRM for daily tasks to be a data-driven business. All customer and client data were initially captured and stored via Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manager, Notepad, and Excel sheets. The chaos of information on different platforms and absence of multi-platform collaboration obstructed the organisation from sharing data among team members. The use of different data management tools proved to be a problem due to the inadequacy of creating documents and reports, and performance measurement data for analysis.

The management and team members of the organisation had minimal visibility in the stages of the projects in the pipeline. There was no way to measure the performance between the business of an existing client to the business of a new client unless various Excel analytical spreadsheets were prepared, costing them time and labour. The profusion of administrative tasks and processes caused a limitation in understanding the current state of the business. These challenges resulted in loss of customer data and sales opportunities, which in turn impacted overall business revenue.


Downer PipeTech believes in “Working together, Achieving together”. The organisation prefers to approach their clients, employees, and the community with their vision and values of utmost respect, integrity, safety, delivery of high performance, innovation, and care for the environment. The challenges faced on a daily basis were growing. PipeTech were in need of a solution that would define their end-to-end sales processes, and help identify the key drivers for their business. The goal was to decommission the use of Microsoft Business Contact Manager and migrate all existing data to a centralised system. Zoho CRM’s versatility and simplicity stepped in to the rescue.

Oscillosoft provided solutions using Zoho CRM. Implementation of Zoho CRM acts as an overall core system for customer management, providing a 360 degree view of data stored with access to client touch points, history of email, SMS, invoices, issues, and marketing functions. Oscillosoft is dedicated to the Zoho platform. Therefore, with the availed services of Zoho Implementation, Zoho Integration, Zoho Health Check, and Training, Downer PipeTech found the transition to be smooth, timely, and most importantly within budget. Migration of existing data of leads and contacts into Zoho CRM helped retain the latest and updated information of clients. The maintenance of data on one platform helped set workflows and alerts on different stages of potential leads to ensure action is taken on all opportunities.


The team at Downer PipeTech saw an improvement in daily functions and data sharing among the teams. The unified and centralised system of Zoho CRM eradicated duplicate data entry that was initially done on various spreadsheets. Collaboration between Leads, Contacts and sales catapulted business growth. The management team and subordinates now use Zoho CRM to easily connect with customers and prospects in real time.

The dashboard feature in Zoho CRM provides live and accurate reporting information as well as performance summaries for quick analysis in making business decisions. Measuring the performance of every sales activity now helps achieve targets within set timeframes. The reduction of manual tasks and using an accessible CRM proved to be the solution to all challenges. Zoho and Oscillosoft provided Downer PipeTech with the opportunity and resources to assist in expanding their business to other states of Australia.