Customer and supplier management with Zoho CRM, Xero for accounting invoices and revenue reports, integrated and working seamlessly together thanks to Oscillosoft’s Zoho Creator solutions.


MEDIASMITH is a boutique media agency nested within the buzzing backstreets of Surry Hills, Sydney. Founded in 2004, the company offers media planning and buying services to clients wanting to leverage modest budgets to achieve maximum value.

Since its founding, the business has gone from strength-to-strength and today boasts both high-end and emerging brands as clients. As well as booking national and international media, MEDIASMITH has also developed expertise in local marketing for high profile Sydney centric clients.

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With the growth of their business, the client was finding it difficult to keep track of their customers and invoices using spreadsheets. The client decided to move over to Zoho CRM for customer and supplier management, and Xero for accounting. Unfortunately, due to the intricacies of their business, Zoho CRM did not offer them exactly what they wanted, and neither did Xero.

The client was creating invoices through excel spreadsheets, which required a fair amount of effort for each invoice. Furthermore, the spreadsheet was stored locally, which created problems in sharing it. If they wanted to view the account or potential linked to each invoice, they would need to go to Zoho CRM and perform a search. The client wanted their invoices to be done online, and be linked to Zoho CRM (potentials and accounts).

Unfortunately, Zoho CRM was unable to provide the customization in invoices that The client was looking for.

From the invoices generated, the client needed various revenue reports (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) based on “media”, customer, or both. They also needed pie charts and bar graphs to show this incoming revenue. Xero did not link up with Zoho, so they needed to enter in the same information on two different platforms.


Zoho CRM, Zoho Creation Upon making the decision to update its current process, Ducere began to evaluate possible solutions for their needs. Even through some staff had had some experience with Zoho in the past these issues required a complete solution. So OscilloSoft recommended the following:

  • Zoho CRM – To store leads and potentials (and the result – either lost or won), as well as customers and supplier data, and invoices. Oscillosoft modified Zoho CRM to meet the needs of the client.

  • Zoho Creator – Zoho Creator was used to create an invoices section, which allowed the client to add or view invoices. Each invoice was linked to a potential in Zoho CRM.

Zoho Invoices Sample

Zoho Creator was also used to create a commission agreements module which allowed staff to set the commission rate for each customer. Based on the invoices, the client was able to generate revenue reports (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) based on “media”, customers, or both, and various charts and graphs needed for the smooth operation of the business.

Oscillosoft Monthly revenue Graph


The client was very satisfied with the modified system supplied by Oscillosoft. Now they could use Zoho CRM for creating leads, adding potentials, following the result of each potential, following up with their customers, pipeline analysis, and real-time forecasting. A link was provided on Zoho CRM to add an invoice, and this link redirected to their invoices section on Zoho Creator.

In Zoho Creator the client was able to manage their invoices and commission rates, and generate revenue reports. They were able to get rid of their complicated spreadsheets used for invoicing, and keep all their data on the cloud. The forms created allowed data entry to be faster and less prone to human error. Furthermore, thanks to the integration with Zoho CRM, none of the customer or supplier information needed to be re-entered when adding an invoice, all that was necessary was for a customer to be selected. Overall, the client was very pleased with the new way of invoicing.

With Oscillosoft’s ZohoNXero plugin, the client obtained the integration they had always wanted. Now instead of two platforms for their business that worked independently of one another, they had one system consisting of two platforms working in cohesion

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