OscilloSoft worked with a medical company to create custom solutions for improving their blueprints, including acquiring new clients, processing medical referrals, and engaging with other businesses.



This medical company is one of Australia’s leading providers of sleep apnea treatments. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which a person’s breathing stops and starts. They help individuals suffering from this condition since it could be life-threatening. They provide innovative diagnostic and treatment products for sleep apnea disorders, snoring, and insomnia to help sleep apnea patients.

They deal with different clients, including fatigue and exercise researchers, sleep and circadian laboratories, emergency services, road transport operators, sports teams, and a lot more. To offer the best services. They provide the same range of products in any company’s stores nationwide.

One of the best things about this company is free consultations from the company’s trained staff. To ensure that they can engage with the customers, they offer ongoing support either in the clinic or through phone calls. If you are experiencing sleep apnea symptoms, you can apply for a therapy program at an affordable price.


Since this medical company deals with different clients, they experience challenges in managing their workflows and their medical records. They use three blueprints that have distinct functions. The first one is for new patients to acquire clients from inquiries, phone calls, and walk-in patients. The second one is for the medical referral process. They have to match the referrals and verify where they come from. Lastly, the third blueprint is for B2B operations.

A major challenge was to maintain consistency of tracking their customer or patient base. They were using Vend, a Point of Sale (POS) system, to record customers and sales information. This information was very critical and, due to a lack of organised structure, it was not properly utilised for marketing purposes.


OscilloSoft recommended this medical company to have the Zoho CRM set up to serve as a repository for their customers, products and invoices. Secondly, a one-way integration was needed between the CRM and Vend. This solution will help them to facilitate their email campaigns, customer follow-ups and onboarding. Furthermore, this structure will help them target their customers with more personalized messages and products.

Integration between the CRM and Vend


Upon the implementation of OscilloSoft’s recommendations, the following were the results of the project:

  • The Super Admin can manage the users’ access control.

  • The delivery items can be easily traced.

  • Clients able to send targeted emails to their customers

  • Able to utilise the Zoho CRM as a robust marketing system

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