MiClub was able to streamline the entire process of lead to a sale within Zoho CRM and Creator with our solution.


MiClub is a specialist developer of golf management software that provides to a range of clubs from small regional to the majority of Australia’s foremost clubs. MiClub designed and built the national tournament management solution for Golf Australia including the well-known tournament registration site MiTournament.

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  • Delivering automated management of golf tee times (member / green fees) and competition management
  • Delivering efficient tournament management from online registration to online leaderboards
  • Producing customized website, e-news and mobile app solutions
  • Integration with major membership, POS and accounting solutions
  • Golfing and tournament booking and registration
  • Club and tournament competition management
  • Auto Score scorecard scanning
  • Interactive self-managed custom-designed websites
  • E-news communication and surveys
  • Mobile app for member communication and booking
  • Integration into various membership and accounting solutions
  • A complete golf solution for small and regional clubs


MiClub uses Zoho CRM for streamlining the process of current and potential customers. After a lead is created from their website, they follow up on the lead using Zoho CRM. If a potential for a client is won, then a proposal is created for the client to view.

The proposal is created by exporting information from Zoho CRM, and merging it with an external template. There are several templates used by MiClub, and each proposal is merged with one, based on the type of proposal. The template is then filled with client details from Zoho CRM. This process is too time costly for MiClub, who want to be able to create client proposals easily from within Zoho’s platform.

MiClub also had to manually compose emails and add the project proposals documents. They wanted them to be easily email-able from Zoho. They also wanted the potential status to be updated automatically.

MiClub wanted all their final proposals to be easily viewable and searchable. Currently they could see all their proposals in Zoho CRM, but as they weren’t final, the lack of information on these proposals hindered their usefulness.

MiClub wanted to be able to see the proposals coming in monthly, a breakdown of their status, and the expected money coming in from these proposals.


Zoho CRM

Zoho Creator is a platform that allows businesses to create cloud applications using minimal effort and maximum benefit. Most importantly, it integrates into other Zoho services such as Zoho CRM, as well as other popular services like PayPal or Zapier.

With Oscillosoft’s work on Zoho Creator, MiClub was able to streamline the entire process of lead to a sale within Zoho CRM and Creator. Zoho Creator was used to create a proposals module, which allowed MiClub to easily create a proposal using a small form. Information was pulled directly from Zoho CRM. After the proposal was made, it could be sent to the customer with a few clicks in Zoho Creator.

MiClub was also able to view and filter their current and previous proposals.

In the dashboard of Zoho Creator, MiClub was able to see a summary of their proposals, a breakdown of their status, and expected revenue.


  • From lead to a sale, MiClub was able to do almost everything needed in their standard business flow from Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator.
  • MiClub’s staff were able to save valuable time by creating proposals directly from Zoho Creator. Since it was linked to Zoho CRM, all the necessary data was pulled across.
  • The dashboard in Zoho Creator was a great insight into proposals and revenue by month.
  • Previously sent proposals were able to be viewed in one place by MiClub at any time.
  • MiClub no longer needed to re-enter the same data more than once.
  • MiClub was able to filter proposals by time, cost, template, and many other filters within Zoho Creator. This allowed staff to easily find and filter proposals as required.