Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Survey, Zoho Reports, Web to lead, Mobile Applications and Custom Functions all working together to provide the perfect centralised CRM.


Narellan Pools Group (NPG) was established over 45 years ago and has grown to become an iconic inground fibreglass swimming pool brand and global company that spans multiple industries including manufacturing, franchise and construction.Their network of local, qualified swimming pool builders are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet customer needs, their landscape and budget, and installing exceptional fibreglass swimming pools for families to enjoy and create lifelong memories.

Narellan Pools was after a CRM to centralise and streamline the lead management process, and lead distribution to their network of franchisees in Australia.

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  • No centralised system – NPG was working off individual spreadsheets, which meant there was no single source of truth. As the spreadsheets were passed around via email or physically, each team member could make changes that were not reflected in other staff’s computer.

  • Manual distribution of leads – Leads were manually passed to franchisees based on the postcode they came in from.

  • Difficult to access from web, mobile and tablets – Data wasn’t available readily on the web or from mobiles. While on the road, staff would have to write down notes, then enter them into their computer after getting back.

  • Lack of visibility on franchisees – After NPG passed on leads to their franchisees, they weren’t able to see the status or progress of these leads, but would have to ask for manual updates when required.

  • Loss of data –Since there were many spreadsheets, it became difficult to manage them all, and some data was being lost.

  • No automation of business processes – Since all the work was being done using emails and spreadsheets, there was no automation of business processes, such as automatically sending email alerts to new leads, alerting staff of critical updates, etc.

  • Lack of scalability – Due to inefficiencies mentioned above, the current system was deemed to be inefficient and not scalable at a higher scale.


Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Survey, Zoho Reports, Web to lead, Mobile Applications, Custom Function

  • Zoho CRM was chosen due to it’s low cost but great feature set; its intuitive interface; the availability of local partners for implementation, training and support; and the native mobile applications for Zoho CRM on iOS and Android

  • A Franchisee model was built by Oscillosoft to allow each Franchisee to only see their own data, while the head office could see all franchisee data.

  • Automatic Lead Allocation by postcode to franchisees was implemented in the CRM via custom development.

  • Zoho Campaigns was used for sending EDMs on special occasions. This integrated with Zoho CRM via the built in sync from Zoho.

  • Zoho Survey was integrated and used for getting client feedback after a completed job.

  • Web to lead forms were used to generate new leads from the website which would then be allocated to the correct franchisee based on the postcode.

  • Since Zoho CRM is on the cloud, NPG no longer had collaboration or limited access issues. Each staff member and franchisee was able to access and update information on any contact from any internet connected device anywhere.

  • Zoho CRM’s servers are backed up 24/7, with many redundant servers. As such, NPG no longer had any data loss issues.

  • Reports were generated from within the CRM, and dashboards from those reports. This saved precious time.


NPG management and staff were very satisfied with Zoho CRM, which empowered them to be more efficient by increasing collaboration, removing manual processes, and giving increased visibility and tracking. Specifically:

  • The franchisee model which allowed head office to view the performance of franchisees was crucial for management.

  • Automatic lead allocation by postcode saved hours and hours of manual work.

  • Staff found Zoho CRM’s modern interface to be intuitive and easy to use, once they had received training on it.

  • As Zoho is fully cloud based, staff had full availability to all data from any device with internet. This greatly helped out franchisee partners on the road.

  • Management were very pleased with Zoho Reports’ rich dashboards with showed them Leads by quarter, Leads by source over years, lead to closed won ratio, etc.

  • Management was confident that the efficient cloud based model built was ready to be rolled out internationally to other countries.

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