Less than half the cost of Oracle On Demand, Pickles Auctions found Zoho CRM more intuitive and easier for their staff to use, with the full range of functionality they were looking for.


Pickles Auctions is Australia’s No. 1 Auction and Valuation specialist, grown from a single operation in 1964 to 20 branches nationally, including every State and Territory in the country.

Pickles specialises in the auctioneering and sale of motor vehicles, trucks and earthmoving equipment, salvage vehicles, light industrial and recreational items. Pickles’ clients include the Australian government, state governments, local councils, etc.

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Pickles was having some trouble with Oracle On Demand. Oracle on Demand is a very complicated CRM, and required the help of an expert in setting up workflows and reports, as they are too difficult for a standard admin to do.

The mobile applications for Oracle On Demand were limited and did not have all the functionality required by Pickles.

Furthermore, Oracle On Demand was very costly for Pickles, with their large number of users.

As such, Pickles began finding alternatives.


Zoho CRM
Custom Functions

Zoho CRM was chosen by Pickles as a cost-effective and highly functional CRM. At less than half the cost of Oracle On Demand, Pickles was getting much more productivity out of their CRM, and many business needs were now being met.

With Zoho CRM, setting up of workflows and reports is very easy, so Pickles’ staff were able to do this on their own.

With the help of Oscillosoft, Pickles was able to set up complicated permissions and views that would restrict records based on state and product division. This was achieved through Zoho’s enterprise level feature, “Territory management”.

As Zoho CRM is a cloud service, leads and accounts can be viewed or managed from a PC, a laptop, tablet or a phone, anywhere. With Zoho’s CRM mobile applications for iOS and Android, it’s possible to interact with a CRM anywhere, anytime. This was necessary for Pickles’, as often their staff would be on the road and need to update or view client information immediately.

Pickles had further requirements which were not being met by Zoho CRM, for example, they wanted a Google Maps link to be generated for contacts automatically based on their address. Fortunately, with Zoho CRM’s custom fields and custom functions, Oscillosoft was able to achieve this for Pickles.


  • Pickles’ staff found Zoho CRM much more intuitive and easier to use than Oracle On Demand, which increased the productivity of their sales staff.

  • Pickles was able to meet all their business requirements through Zoho CRM and its extendibility through custom functions.

  • Pickles saved more than 50% of their licensing costs from Oracle on Demand, leaving revenue to be allocated elsewhere.

  • With the true cloud CRM offered by Zoho, Pickles’ staff and management were always a touch away from their clients’ details.

  • Thanks to the feature filled reports and dashboards of Zoho CRM, management was able to instantly view the information that was relevant to them, rather than the information that their CRM wanted them to see, as was the case with Oracle On Demand.

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