Railway Construction Industry – Zoho CRM Case Study


Railways have been an integral part of the economic world ever since their inception in the 1800s. Also known as subways, rail tracks and train lines, their significance in our society shines through during shortages of private vehicles or even in the more primitive transport of minerals and other freight objects.
Our clients for this success story are the stakeholders who create those railways. They specialise in government tenders and dabble in relatively big shares in the privatised railway sector as a result.

As a long-standing local railway company, this client employs multiple teams, business processes and a range of different applications to manage them all. Already having been using CRM Plus, specifically CRM and Analytics, they came to us looking for a way to maximise their investment, a custom business workflow solution.


They needed a lot more than the services of a Zoho implementation expert or even an integration specialist. Our client was looking for more than the typical data migration.
They were looking to find a way to both make their entire process a lot more autonomous, save time for their product team in doing menial tasks, specifically making and generating reports, and for a way to make their business grow more efficiently and business processes more streamlined.

As a result, they came to us with a set of very industry-specific problems :

  • Automatic Report Generation from the CRM

  • A very technical reports dashboard
  • An integration between Zoho CRM & Power BI
  • Zoho CRM System Onboarding including

  • Team-based allocation and data share rules

  • Data Migration (of course)

  • Implementation of Zoho based marketing software.

  • Team-based allocation and data share rules


Our development team tackled these challenges one at a time, breaking them up into the following facets :

Report Generation Process

Being a company that worked with multiple reports in a day, they needed a way to customise their workflow management and automate how they generate, export and make changes to their reports. The clients needed report generation to occur on the fly. They needed a way to display an extensively intricate entire suite of reports, with one click, directly within their CRM.

That’s where our developers got creative.

To meet the complex reporting requirements presented by the clients, they used Zoho Analytics to process the information,
With the data stored primarily in Zoho CRM, they used the innate synchronised functionalities within Zoho CRM & Analytics to produce an automated report generator function, allowing the clients to pull the data from Zoho CRM into Zoho Analytics to be processed.
Then, using iFrame, they pinned and displayed the more advanced Zoho Analytics produced reports in their CRM, having everything done with a single click of a button.

Connect CRM to PowerBI Integration
Being involved in multi-team processes with different data reporting and visualisation requirements, the client opted for PowerBI to be their in-house data visualisation program.
Their implementation of Zoho CRM further enabled them to use PowerBI to a higher potential. It let them link the CRM’s vast capacity for data storage and automation with PowerBIs advanced data visualisation protocols.
As a result, they enlisted our help in researching, locating and installing a Zoho CRM integration. They needed to build an extension to connect PowerBI to CRM. A critical step in incorporating their existing processes and applications with Office365 to Zoho CRM.

CRM Enhancements
The reports generation focused on the products team, but the growth team of the company had their own particular requirements. They needed CRM enhancements to fit their particular model of action.

They needed CRM enhancements :

Formula Changes: Automatic Fields & Dates Creation that estimate and map project durations using backend custom functions, enabling customised workflows.
Data Share Rules: Team-based allocation and user-based settings. Access Settings based on modules and teams
Data Migration: Vast push of data from various previous platforms to a centralised, report & automation focused system, (i.e. Customised Zoho CRM)


The client came to OscilloSoft with a multi-faceted complex reporting requirement, specific to their multi-team business process. OscillSoft produced working automation for them, enabling their production of complex reports with high data processing requirements, and further enhanced their CRM with integrations and personalised features, facilitating a more efficient, centralised solution for all teams involved.