Oscillosoft provides a highly customized version of Zoho CRM with layout rules, workflows and custom functions to help standardisation and increase administrative productivity


An organisation that is one of Australia’s leading service providers helps listed and unlisted entities streamline operations to accelerate growth. To meet the demand for ancillary professional services of the clients, this company started an end-to-end registry system. They offer a range of Legal, Accounting Solutions and Company Secretarial Services backed up with an experienced Board of Directors. These are considered the three legs or divisions of the organisation. They also offers services for Registry, Finance, Insurance and Governance. Their greatest asset is the smart and passionate team that provides the highest levels of advice and client service. Having supported over 500 listed and unlisted entities, the organisation’s technology puts the customer first by providing technology for seamless user experience. As the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and international markets and continuously changing with fast paced technology, this organisation invests its resources to capitalise the once-in-a-lifetime change to process share trades both within Australia as well as internationally.


The organisation works with multiple partners, clients and potential leads. As they have grown in size over the years, it has become more and more difficult to store information about each of their clients with emails and excel sheets. The organisation faced the following challenges while operating:

  • Due to the large number of clients, partners, contacts and public announcements by ASX, there was a level of complexity that needed clarity and organisation of data

  • Communication was carried out through several email chains which resulted in loss of historical data

  • As the organisation has 3 main divisions – Legal,  Accounting Solutions and Company Secretarial Services, large amounts of data was uncategorised which impacted the level of collaboration among teams

  • With the continuously flow of information from ASX it was difficult to circulate announcements and updates to all team members with a 100% open rate or response

  • Several Accounts and Contacts had multiple companies under each. As part of a board member or investor, many records would be associated with more than one company. Without an efficient system to keep track of all the data, this information was easily misguided and lost

  • The organisation lacked uniformity of Deal names and a standard way of organising all records and relevant information together.

  • The organisation’s blueprint consisted of too many steps and substeps in the pipeline which made it difficult for employees to follow a standard process


The organisation understands the client’s challenges and focuses on various aspects such as integrating databases to utilize data for marketing, capital raising, compliance, ongoing disclosure requirements or other commercial drivers. For the organisation to successfully challenge the status quo, a new and improved system of carrying out daily tasks had to be implemented. The administrative task to categorise data and store them efficiently led them to the search for a world class CRM. Their journey with Oscillosoft, started with a FREE consultation where our team of experts conducted an in depth analysis of the organisation. Upon identifying the gap, a feasible solution of a customised version of Zoho CRM was in the works. The customised CRM included the following solutions to all the challenges faced by the organisation:

Oscillosoft Vission & Solution
  • As in any CRM, once a Lead is converted to another record, the information is moved from one module to another. Oscillosoft helped the information of each record stay in the respective modules after conversion to help easy backtracking.

  • The new CRM omitted the Leads module. Each lead coming into the organisation is from ASX and are directly stored in Accounts and Contacts.

  • A module between Accounts, Contacts and Deals is created and called ‘Customised Leads’ for better division of project stages. The Deals module was divided as Primary and Secondary depending on the services availed.

  • Each record in any module had over 100 fields customised to match the data from ASX.

  • Several layout rules, workflows and custom functions helped build the perfect record that could hold all details received for the lead by ASX.

  • All records are named with a standardised flow to ensure there is uniformity across the CRM

  • A plugin was installed to help integrate Outlook to Zoho CRM. Each email that is received and sent through Outlook would be stored in the Emails section of each record of the CRM.

  • A referral section was added in the CRM to increase business

  • Each public announcement made by the ASX triggered an automatic creation of an event in the CRM inviting all managers at the organisation. This assured that each manager can and will acknowledge when an announcement is read.

  • A continuous sync between the ASX directory and the organisation’s CRM was set up to help keep all the record information up to date


The organisation prides upon their thriving office culture and team of empowering people. Collaborative work and multi functioning problem solvers at the organisation have now overcome all their challenges with the solution provided by Oscillosoft. Their quality of work adds to their growth by providing the following results:

  • A quick search of any record will show the history of its conversion across any module.

  • The creation of cross functional reports and dashboards helps view the health of their business across all departments in one place using the CRM.

  • The customised modules help hold loads of information for each record, which makes it easy to keep track of  specific details for individual records

  • Each Deal was named with uniformity making it easy for any employee of any department to refer, edit and track

  • The CRM has helped to increase the number of referrals by closed Deals leading to improved ROI and customer management

  • Easy tracking of emails and history of emails are now specifically categorised under the relevant record due to the sync between Outlook and Zoho CRM

  • Managers of the organisation now avoid missing public announcements by ASX due to the trigger of events created

  • The CRM was skillfully customised to meet the needs of the organisation. Reporting, categorising of records and internal tasks are now efficient and standardised across all divisions.

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