How a Sydney-based non-profit organization used Zoho’s CRM and its Marketing applications to introduce organizational cultural change to enhance engagement and vibrancy among its community members


Shalom is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the vibrancy and engagement of the Sydney Jewish Community by fostering Jewish life and learning in an inclusive way.

Its root can be traced back to the 1960s and the role it plays is not only about academics and learning, it is about a connection to community, its culture and life. Shalom specializes in running a variety of events and programs, engaging with people of different ages and backgrounds within the Sydney Jewish Community.

Traditionally, Shalom has focused on the Sydney Jewish Community by creating opportunities for enrichment of their lives, culture and connection to community.



A non-profit organization’s operation is mostly focused in the area of relationship management. That is why Shalom greatly believes that it is important to keep in touch with their contacts and manage relationships.

They are using Trybooking in order to maximize their organization’s productivity and reachability when it comes to selling tickets for people to book for events. Trybooking is a booking management software that is an easy to use software to sell tickets online.

They are in need of a CRM to help them efficiently manage the data and forms of their volunteers, donors, sponsors, events, collaborations,engagement and bookings.

Before choosing Zoho CRM and working with OscilloSoft, Shalom had been using ThankQ CRM for their business operations and efficiency to manage their relations with their staffs, ticket holders, volunteers, donors and sponsors.

However, upon using ThankQ CRM, Shalom encountered the following problems:

  •  The system is perceived as a not user-friendly system for the staff.

  •  It takes time to get data from Trybooking to the CRM system.

  • It has an old-fashioned system which makes it hard to use for management purposes as perceived by the staff of Shalom.

  • It cannot be integrated with a 3rd party booking management software like Trybooking.

  • It does not meet their management needs when it  comes to efficiently managing contacts, community engagement and data.

Shalom is looking for a more adequate way to manage their community members and data. This is why after two (2) and a half years of researching more about CRMs, they finally decided to use Zoho for their organization.


After coming into a decision to pursue with Zoho CRM, Shalom approached Oscillosoft in order to gain more solutions for their problems when it comes to organizational management, particularly booking management.

Shalom has always been working together with Trybooking as it runs different kinds of events. Shalom really has a huge range of events where they need people to support and Trybooking can help them meet their needs.

Zoho cannot accommodate a complicated booking management system, but they can integrate it to Zoho CRM. After setting up Zoho CRM for Shalom, Oscillosoft offered the following solutions.

  •  A complete demonstration of methodology on how they will improve Shalom’s CRM system.

  •  Integrate a 3rd party booking management system like Trybooking into the CRM in order to sync the contacts and details of people who are booking a ticket for an event.

  •  Use Zoho Campaigns for generating newsletters, and leads and contact syncing.

  • Use Zoho Survey for designing an overall better user-friendly interface for easily filling out data forms and set-up for communications.

  • Use Zoho Analytics for advanced analytics and multidimensional reporting on event-related matters such as budgeting.

  • Customize the user’s experience of the CRM to become well adopted by all.

  • Customize the CRM to efficiently track the details of sponsors, donators, ticket holders and booking status.

  • Customize the CRM to create user-friendly booking modules, event modules, contract relationship modules and forms.

Shalom case study Infographic


Upon the implementation of OscilloSoft’s methodologies in Shalom, the following were the results of the project:

  • The organization already has a CRM that meets their needs when it comes to monitoring their community engagement status, managing contacts, projects, events and having better communication with their community members .

  • The development of a customizable file management, donation management, sponsor management and bookkeeping management for the specific events held by Shalom.

  • The seamless integration of Trybooking into Zoho CRM made the process of collecting data from trybooking to Shalom more efficient and easier.

  • They are now able to keep everything in place and focus more on engaging their target audiences, donors, sponsors, volunteers, Sydney Jewish Community and the unexplored part of the market which pertains to certain parts of the global community.

  • Through OscilloSoft, they now have backup solutions to customize their needs.

  • They now have a CRM that is well-adapted to the organization.

  • Any functional limitations encountered were solved by Zoho and OscilloSoft support which were accessible.

  • Visual reports are now more easier and data collection has also become easier.

  •  It made a cultural change to the whole organization by adding value in a way that it improved their engagement and relationships with their community members, donors and sponsors.