Find out how OscilloSoft designed an exhaustive pay advice system to incorporate a therapeutic furniture company’s complex payroll and sales commission requirements directly into their Zoho CRM


Despite advances in modern-day medicine, the prevalence of conditions requiring long term hospitalisation and care, such as neurological disorders and arthritic constraints, is persistently on the rise. As a result, the therapeutic bed industry has correspondingly seen an increase in demand from the situation, projecting an industry valuation of over US$ 3.5 billion by 2025.

And that’s exactly what the client’s of this customer success story indulge in. They distribute and sell specific, medically sanctioned sleeping solutions, from official medical grade memory beds designed for day to day personalised comfort, and products that provide a therapeutic release for specific disabilities, to more day-to-day electric beds and recliner lift chairs. 

They disperse their products across multiple showrooms all over the country, and with a plethora of sales staff to guide customers, focus on spreading comfort in the form of their beds and stellar customer service.

As a result, however, they required stringent administrative power to manage and work out all the nuances of having a large team filled with members of all disciplines; sales, accounts and administration.

Involving a multitude of paying different rates of commission, opting for special considerations and generating pay reports, they required a system that gave them the flexibility to unique admin operations while also automating a list of complicated commission-based requests. They needed an adept pay advice system.

And that’s where we came in. Focusing on the sales operations side of things, we created a Pay Advice System that, in essence, calculates, verifies and automates their existing payroll process, while also facilitating smooth data transactions with their existing CRM. 


The clients were looking for a system to meet their intricate commission payment system. As a multi-franchise company that employed a range of different sales staff in daily operations, they needed a system to run algorithms on a large, organized scale.

As such, the client also employed a complicated commision payment system surrounding a varied range of commission related factors. These include :

  • Type of deals

  • Type of sales agent

  • Type of payment

  • Type of ongoing offers or promotions

  • Number of completed sales

  • Additional incentives offered including day to day & weekly incentives

These list of factors and commission rate determinants were further added to by a stringent sales verification process including 3 key stages :

  • Delivery of the product.

  • Cool-down or grace period where returns are accepted.

  • Delivery of the appropriate paperwork.

This complicated the proceedings as it required an elevated degree of in-system checks and verification before any payments could be made. 

Paired with a complex commission system and sales verification process, the client presented a list of other challenges they were facing revolving around :

  • Different commission rates based on category and hierarchy of sales staff.

  • Multiple sales order certifications and types revolving around the sales validation process.

  • Redundant entries and manual effort put into sending out reminders and paychecks.

  • Special circumstances and appropriate hierarchical ability to overwrite determined paychecks.

  • Special considerations and the hierarchical ability to overwrite processed values.


The client had an existing CRM and so to ensure utilisation of resources and the most economic, efficient solution, OscilloSoft proposed a Zoho CRM based solution.

All sales related information, verifications, checks, and any data inputs would be made into specifically curated modules in the CRM, and a separate backend algorithm would run parallel facilitating data exchange between the two.

As elaborated in the process flow image below, the CRM facilitates all data information and the pay advice system runs the algorithms and “pushes” the pay advice and reports out to the designated recipients.

Pay Advice System Flowchart

So for a more detailed breakdown of the solution, it can be broken down into two parts. The CRM and The Pay Advice System.

The CRM acts as a central data repository capable of processing the data based on the complex commission rates as follows :

  • Various CRM Modules such as the Commissions Payments Module were created.

  • The algorithms taking all related commission factors into account were scripted into these custom modules on entry, they are able to produce instant results.

The Pay Advice System enabled automation and further control of the system :

  • The backend, Zoho Creator based system facilitated manual “Run” options that enable manual pay run advice to be sent out.

  • Multiple Schedulers that pull relevant data from the CRM and on scheduled periods, send it out.

  • Integration between Pay Advice System with the CRM to facilitate effective data transaction.


In essence, the clients required a way to deal with multiple complicated commission process efficiently and the proposed solution gave them :

  • A customized CRM capable of processing a vastly intricate commissions set up.

  • A Pay Advice system to trigger, automate and send out pay advice and reports to relevant parties.

  • Zoho API updated integration between pay advice system and CRM.

  • Sales Staff Overwriting capacity based on hierarchies outlayed in the Organisational Setting in the CRM.

  • Flexibility for Staff Adjustments after pay run advice has been sent out.