A building materials company moved from Salesforce to Zoho CRM for better data management


Smoke Control specialises in certifiable fire and smoke protection systems within Australia and New Zealand. Partnering with leading local and international organisations who are ISO 9001 accredited, Smoke Control designs and installs systems that satisfy changing fire and smoke control requirements, while meeting project objectives, including freedom of architectural design. Constant research and development continues to enhance their offering of fire windows, fire shutters and fire curtains, bringing the most innovative technology to both regular and unique project challenges.

They provide specialty life safety solutions to fire engineers, architects and builders. A full lifecycle service is offered including – design assistance, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance. In order to better serve customers better the Smoke Control business is divided into several divisions – Commercial, Boundary Control, Flamezone and Service which support our well known and trusted brands.


Smoke Control is a Gold Member of the Fire Protection Australia (FPA) and a member of the Master Builders Association (MBA). By being part of both of these prestigious associations, they also committed to the achievement of a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work environment. In order to cater to their customers effectively the organisation recognised internal challenges and sought their solutions. The team at Smoke Control were using Salesforce, which is one of the world’s popular CRM applications among several businesses and industries. However, due to some limitations in Salesforce, the team sought after a solution to various internal problems such as:

  • Salesforce allowed minimal room for data migration, integration and maintenance within the organisation

  • User mapping, duplicate data, adding custom fields, security, clean up and managing access control consumed heavy time and money

  • Complicated features which are not required in every business created complications and in order to gain the right features for the business came at a cost

  • With Salesforce, Smoke Control found it difficult to embed blueprints in various business process which involved specific stakeholders


Smoke Control sought out to move to a more lucrative and customisable CRM to fit their business needs. On discovering the benefits of Zoho CRM they approached Oscillosoft. As Austraiasia’s leading Zoho Partner with over 10 years of experience in the product, we were happy to help Smoke Control achieve its business goals. After an in-depth analysis of the situation at Smoke Control, Oscillosoft provided a customised version of the CRM for better utilization and improvement in their ROI.

Somke Control Zoho Infographics
  • Data migration from Salesforce to Zoho was easy and effortless

  • Unlike Slaesforce, Zoho is customizable to specific business and industry needs. The team at Smoke Control were able to customise their CRM to meet their specific internal blueprint and business process

  • Basic modules such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Deals were created for effective division of data in the organisation

  • Additional modules such as Quotes and Products were also used in the CRM to maintain a sense universal location for most tasks

  • Along with the use of their own application for quotation management, Smoke Control also created and maintained records under the Quotes module of the CRM to ensure there is sync between the Contacts and Deals

  • To best utilise the CRM’s features, Smoke Control carried out the lead nurturing process by embedding it in blueprints for different types of leads

  • To ensure continuity and uniformity of processes, the blueprint was embedded in the Deal process as well and involve specific pattern of submitting designs to customers

  • This helped increase the accuracy in tracking the Deal’s response status, mandatory attachments and more

  • Zoho CRM allowed easy and automated association of builders for each Deal that was created

  • An internal approval process for Deals was set up using Zoho CRM

  • Zoho CRM provided the functionality to add referrals against Deals. This increased their chances to backtrack their data source and maintain records appropriately

  • With the use of Zoho CRM, Smoke Control is now able to send quotations to various customers in a more organised manner and track the customer’s interest for future marketing campaigns

  • Most importantly, while creating or converting a Lead to a Deal, Zoho CRM allows easy association of products to the Deals

  • Smoke Control can measure and report metrics of every module. Zoho CRM helps keep up with the team’s performance, carry out sales forecasting and help make smarter business decisions


With the implementation of Zoho CRM in their everyday business, the below results were noted:

  • Increase in team collaboration through the use of Zoho CRM as the application created uniformity in data

  • Customisation of the CRM helped Smoke Control draw out new and improved blueprints of their business process

  • Improvement in the Lead nurturing process increase their conversion rate and overall ROI

  • Better engagement with their customers with emails sent within the CRM

  • History of past purchases and activities of all Leads and Deals are maintained in one location within the CRM

  • Sync between the Contacts and Deals modules keeps the data updated in real time. The team at Smoke Control were up to date and on the same page for each Deal.

  • Smooth execution of tasks and high involvement of employees and customer due to the automated blueprints

  • Increase in turnover and conversion rates with instant quotations for customers and drip marketing activities through the CRM

  • Increased ability to integrate with various other products within the Zoho umbrella and third party such as Google, Mail Chimp and many more has increased productivity within the CRM