Starting with a prototype to minimize risk, we created a sales and marketing focussed update to SXP’s old CRM, rolled out over 4 months, delivering greater value than SXP expected.


Southern Cross Protection (SXP) provides intelligent and comprehensive security solutions to the customers. By assessing the specific security needs of people, businesses and communities, and utilizing precision risk management technologies, SXP provides integrated and effective security solutions that deliver peace of mind to their clients – whatever the budget.

Established over 90 years ago, Southern Cross Protection has grown to become one of the largest security companies in Australia, conducting over 15,000 patrol visits every night, utilizing 150 vehicles out of 32 localized branches Australia wide.

Southern Cross Protection provides protection to over 6,000 customers.


Southern Cross Protection (SXP) processes had grown in complexity and diversity as the business grew over the years. The legacy CRM catered for operations more than sales and marketing. SXP was looking for a system that provided a customer centric approach to the whole of business.

SXP researched online for CRMs available. There are hundreds on offer from full ERPs to simple stand alone marketing systems. In addition the range in price varied widely. Ultimately can an off the shelf product be adaptable enough to meet the business requirements?

SXP contacted Oscillosoft who introduced the business to Zoho and attended Zoholics to understand what Zoho could offer.


SXP had many decisions to make. To minimise its risk it decided to engage Oscillosoft to develop a prototype of the solution. After the success of the proof of concept, the system was rolled out over 4 months. Initially Zoho CRM was put in place followed by workflows, sales IQ, Zoho Reports, Zoho Projects and other Zoho products. The simple intuitive interfaces and integration delivered greater value that the SXP expected.


SXP with the help of Oscillosoft hired a full time staff to become a Zoho super user. SXP has eliminated a number of processes that were email based and use Zoho Cases both for internal and customer requests. It has changed all its operational processes and improved transparency of results to all staff. SXP now has over 100 Zoho direct users and over 1,000 staff that interface with Zoho CRM.

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