Superannuation Industry – Zoho CRM Case Study

OscilloSoft used Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk to help the Superannuation company to scale their operations as they need an application which acquires customers, leads and a data management tool to automate the whole business process.


The client is a superannuation business that has yet to launch its business operations this 2020. They provide employee-provider plans, which take up a portion of the employee’s salary so they could get a desirable amount of money after an employee retires.

Superannuation is a pension system wherein a portion of an employees’ salary is put into a superannuation system. This amount is then invested and increases over time. When the employee gets into the retirement age where they have to use these funds, the money from the superannuation system can be used to help them retire in the way they wanted to live. In this way, their retirement is not solely dependent on social security or government benefits.

The client better connects these people into superannuation. Unfortunately, for many people, the vast majority of businesses in superannuation is within a fund. It’s hard to be connected with and entirely understand how the money is invested.

The company believes that it’s less about age and more about the stage. They see that their customers get into a certain age and think that they already have a reasonable amount of money in their superannuation, already have a partner, or thinking about the future. Anything goes – it’s not a one size fits all industry.

While there is a keen interest in superannuation, there is so much going on. There is too much paperwork to be filled up with administration work, and it is hard to manage. There’s nothing self-managed about superannuation because there is a need to get accountants and auditors.

What people want is for someone they can easily talk to about financial businesses. With it, customers would want to check in their funds, balances, or any changes to their accounts. Having a smart application that can be accessed through mobile phones completely changes the game.

This is not possible with any other superannuation businesses because customers wouldn’t exactly know where their money is being invested. Checking in your account, and making well-informed decisions through reports are very important factors in superannuation.

Through this particular client’s business, people can thoroughly understand what superannuation is all about. This includes providing them data about their financial resources, balances, and where all their money is going to. 


  1. The company does not want to go the traditional way of acquiring information from its customers using excel spreadsheets and written notes. They need an application which acquires customers and leads since the whole business will run mostly on the app.
  2. They want CRM, particularly Zoho CRM, as a data management tool and to automate the whole business process.
  3. The data should be gathered through the app and will have to be integrated into the CRM. The internal application should reflect everything placed in it to the CRM.
  4. They are acquiring very confidential details such as user information, family records, bank account numbers, salary, etc.
  5. The CRM will be used as a back-end for data storage.
  6. It takes some work to get the users back into the system. There is a constant need to send out prompt emails, workflows, and deadlines.
  7. There is a need to constantly engage with the customers to keep them with the business flow.
  8. Some way of a ticketing system for better customer experience.


Oscillosoft primarily focused on having the data entered from the application to the Zoho CRM. The company didn’t work on the application nor implement any APIs to integrate the application and CRM. By working on the Zoho CRM functionalities, they were able to provide the following solutions:

  1. They can now use Zoho CRM as a data management tool.
  2. They can now transfer data collected from their application to Zoho CRM. The CRM will fetch information and create the records.
  3. Other business processes are also integrated into the CRM. Aside from data storage, it also sends prompts for form submission and completion reminders and assigning of internal tasks to help move forward.
  4. The company can send alerts and messages to the spouses once they are in the system which urges them to fill the online applications and forms via the mobile application. It then sends continuous follow-up reminders until the task is completed.. Leads can now turn into potentials and customers if they are able to complete the forms.
  5. Establishment of a ticketing system through Zoho Desk. Through it, it can assign a task to a team or team member. It should be picked up and responded to within the agreed SLA in Zoho Desk.
  6. After the account is active, there is a blueprint implementer. It’s a journey for all the records to get completed. It will enforce the user to go through a series of steps and actions.
Superannuation - Super Solutions Infographics


Result from Zoho CRM

Although the client’s business hasn’t fully launched yet, the Zoho CRM has already been tested and showed the following results:

  1. Easier tracking of records upon input into the application.
  2. Accessible data within the Zoho CRM interface.
  3. Manual records aren’t needed for desk assistance.
  4. The training was provided by Oscilosoft to the superannuation company for the facilitation of data.
  5. Quicker response rates to customer needs.
  6. Gives out prompt reminders to customers who haven’t finished filling up the forms yet.
  7. Utilizes data provided to convert them into leads and possible clients in the future.
  8. No more manual inputs as every that needs to be filled out are already within the system.
  9. Integration of CRM with third-party mobile applications using API is possible.
  10. There is a cloud-based secured system that can be safely accessed anywhere at any time.