The joined forces of Zoho CRM and Oscillosoft established a single data repository system and improved team collaboration


Technipro was founded in 1984 to identify, develop and market high-quality specialized products for under-served medical markets. Technipro’s traditional focus has been in niche areas of respiratory medicine, especially comprehensive disease management for cystic fibrosis, respiratory function monitoring, and gas exchange/analysis. In July 2010, Technipro was proud to announce that it divided its business operations into two companies comprising of Technipro-PulmoMed Pty Ltd and its subsidiary, SMR-Tech Pty Ltd. The subdivision was formed due to the expansion of their business activities which includes product lines beyond the traditional Technipro cystic fibrosis activities. Technipro focuses on marketing a portfolio of world-renowned products for comprehensive management of cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis & chronic respiratory diseases. SMR Tech focuses on sports medicine, exercise physiology and rehabilitation products.



Technipro offers a wide range of leading products for the medical market. Managing both businesses – Technipro and SMR Tech, posed the main challenge of collaboration among team members and the unavoidable repetition of data entry. Both businesses have similar clients, however each business follow different processes in their day-today activities. Their need for an improved system roots from the complexity they face while managing these businesses. Some of the major challenges faced are discussed below.

Technipro targets their specialised influencers and not only the end buyers of their products. The process followed in this business includes regular visits and meetings with their clients such as doctors, hospitals, private hospitals, specialists, medical organizations etc. There are a lot of notes and important points discussed at every meeting which needs to be documented and shared with team members. The feedback received in each of these meetings are recorded to help determine the performance metrics of each of the sales representative in the business. Number of visits/meetings in each geographical region are monitored to further measure the performance of all sales representatives. The data recorded for each meeting as well as the performance of each sales representative were maintained on Excel spreadsheets with manual intervention. This system lacked efficiency and consumed a lot of man hours.

The second business, SMR Tech, revolves around sports medicine, exercise physiology and rehabilitation products. SMR Tech runs via a potential module and focuses on the market with a B2B approach. Having started in 1989, the business has accumulated loads of data. The challenge is preparing weekly and monthly reports as well as a dashboard providing a quick analysis of the data to help improve decision making in the business. The communication among team members proved to lack collaboration which impacted their productivity.


The Marketing Manager at Technipro expressed their experience with Salesforce in great disappointment. During the trial period with Salesforce, it was observed that they focused greatly on pricing instead of the specific business needs of Technipro and SMR Tech. This provided the company with the push to consider Zoho as the ultimate solution. At the end of the trial with Salesforce, the company migrated to Zoho CRM which provided the same solutions for a more affordable price and with better round-the-clock assistance. Zoho CRM acts as an overall core system for customer management, providing a 360 degree view of all the data stored with access to client touch points, history of email, SMS, invoices, issues, and marketing functions. Zoho CRM was chosen for its low cost yet great features. Its intuitive interface acts as a backbone for most tools and forms a unified system. The availability of local partners for Zoho implementation, training and support marks the transition of data smooth and flawless.

In order to implement Zoho CRM in the most effective way, Technipro and SMR Tech reached out to Oscillosoft, Zoho’s Premium Grade Partner with a positive track record for 10+ years. The expert team at Oscillosoft correctly analysed the business requirements and processes through various workshops and forums. With the results of this analysis, Oscillosoft was able to successfully optimise all modules with a logical process flow, rules and alerts, reporting and email integration. The integration that was carried out in gradual stages solved all challenges that both the businesses faced over the years. Oscillosoft also provided complete training to all team members which created a unified process to build better collaboration among them.


Zoho Technipro Infographic

The implementation of Zoho CRM with the help of the expert team of developers and consultants at Oscillosoft resulted in many improvements in the business of Technipro and SMR Tech Pty Ltd.

  • A single system for data repository and a record of all historical customer touchpoints and activities

  • Collaboration between management and all team members through better communication resulting in high productivity

  • A single location to maintain all notes from each meeting with clients

  • Easy tracking of events and meetings scheduled for all sales representatives

  • Performance metrics of sales representatives and weekly/monthly reports to help the management analyse the position of the business in the market

  • Access to all CRM information on any device such as iPhone and iPad with internet

  • Focus of the business has been redirected to growth and expansion