Zoho was able to better meet Technipro & SMR Tech’s need for an improved system for data repository and collaboration among team members.


Technipro Marketing was founded in 1984 to identify, develop and market high-quality specialized products for under-served medical markets. Technipro’s traditional focus has been in niche areas of respiratory medicine, especially comprehensive disease management for cystic fibrosis, respiratory function monitoring, and gas exchange/analysis. In July 2010, Technipro was proud to announce that it divided its business operations into two companies comprising of Technipro-PulmoMed Pty Ltd (ABN 54 002 730 421) and it’s subsidiary, SMR-Tech Pty Ltd (ABN 12 103 215 603). The subdivision is due to the expansion of our business activities which now include product lines beyond the traditional Technipro cystic fibrosis activities. Our focus is marketing a portfolio of world-renowned products for comprehensive management of cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis & chronic respiratory diseases. Website: http://www.pulmomed.com.au/http://www.smrtech.com.au/


Technipro was looking for improved system for data repository and collaboration among team members.

As we have two businesses with similar clients, we have two separate processes for each business. In Technipro is a very specialized product where we target the influencer rather than actual buyer. So therefore we have regular visits, meetings with our clients such as doctors, hospitals, private hospitals, specialists and medical organization etc. We take lots of notes and feedback about a product which translates back in sales rep – KPI. We monitor how many visits was done by each sales rep for which region. The second business is more straight forward business process where it is only B2B and we run it via a potential module.

We had multiple spreadsheets among all the team members, where we captured all the outcome of the visits, feedback etc. So main challenges were data repository and collaboration among team members. Not to mention aggregating weekly and monthly reports. Also track of communication was part of on gong challenge for us. We have been in the business since 1984. So we have lot of data.


Trialled Salesforce.com. Did not like that the rep working with us was only interested in making the dollar sale rather than what our business needs were. We chose Zoho because we needed to use a CRM immediately after our Salesforce trial expired and Zoho offered a similar package, for no cost.

– Marketing Manager

Once we realized we needed proper implementation – We started to engage with OscilloSoft. OscilloSoft studied and reviewed our business process end to end via various workshops and forums. Then Oscillosoft optimized all the modules with process flow, rules/alerts, reporting and email integration. Once the process was locked Oscillosoft provided thorough training session to all out stuff from ground up.


  • Single repository team Collaboration management of sales staff database of customers Activities – Notes/tasks/events Access it from anywhere on our iPhone and iPad

  • Business started to use zoho as it mean to be used thanks OscilloSoft team. The terms and definitions are clear now in terms of Zoho CRM. Now we focus more on the business growth.

  • Daily KPI reporting for managing director to understand true position of the two businesses as well as individual sales rep.