Oscillosoft integrated Burst SMS and Zoho CRM to help TrustCo bridge the gap in instant communication and improve its ROI


The founder of TrustCO, Enda Cassidy, identified a gap in connecting homeowners with trusted and reliable professional builders. After witnessing friends and family struggle project after project in search for the right Brisbane builders to help them realise their dream home, TrustCo was born in Brisbane. Homeowners found it difficult to get realistic, competitive quotes that were easy to understand. TrustCo provided end-to-end services to take the overwhelming feeling out of the equation in order to make these big decisions.

TrustCo’s aim was to educate clients or families and help them better understand the building and quoting process so that they can make smarter and more informed decisions during their building project – saving time and money. They also helped streamline the building process by giving access to all the services needed to complete the building process. The curated network at TrustCo personally and carefully selected each of the builders with the guarantee of being professional, trustworthy, reliable and excellent in what they do.


TrustCo would thoroughly vet each builder for efficiency and effectiveness in order to avoid the unreliable and unprofessional ones. The curated network at TrustCo does not only stop at builders but also extends to building companies, Brisbane mortgage brokers, building designers and architects. The firm faced some obvious yet fixable issues in their execution. Some of the challenges faced are:

  • Lack of a database management system

  • Use of Excel sheets started becoming redundant and chaotic as the number of clients and builders in the network kept growing

  • The stakeholders of TrustCo were situated in various locations of Brisbane and it became difficult to maintain a tight network without effective on-going communication

  • Email communication proved to be ineffective among stakeholders.

  • Presence of an unsuccessful communication module to exchange information in real-time.

  • Communication was prolonged over days which reduced the response rate and the overall success of projects

  • The builders and clients lacked an engagement platform with each other to implement and complete projects


The services provided by TrustCo revolved around 3 main principles – Transparent Pricing, 100% Loyal and Family Owned and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. In order to follow these principles, TrustCo sought out for a solution to fix the challenges and issues they faced. The founder of TrustCo, Enda Cassidy believed that SMS communication was at the heart of their solution to the issues. He believed that SMS with a personalised touch would add to the possibility of timely responses from stakeholders such as builders and clients.

TrustCo searched for an effective data management system like Zoho CRM that could integrate with an SMS tool. As well as an integration of Zoho CRM with Xero, an accounting software. After a wide search into different Zoho products and partners, they stumbled upon Oscillosoft. Post a detailed consultation with the expert team at Oscillosoft, Zoho CRM, BurstSMS and Xero were offered as a complete solution to their requirements.

Zoho Header Infographic

Zoho CRM: Chosen for its low cost but great feature set, its intuitive interface, the availability of local partners for implementation, training and support and the native mobile applications for Zoho CRM on iOS and Android. This solution provides a backbone for most tools, to form a unified system.

Zoho to Burst SMS: Oscillosoft’s Burst SMS plugin was installed to elevate to the next level of marketing and create an instant line of communication. The solution features easy communication with stakeholders, tracking conversation history with predefined and custom SMS and automation of many functions

Zoho to Xero: Invoicing and payment made more efficient. Connect Xero with Zoho CRM and other applications quickly and easily with Oscillosoft. Get 360-degree visibility across applications without double entry. Save time and labour costs by connecting your sales and account teams. Reporting done with an increase in data accuracy

  • Zoho CRM provided a universal platform to store all stakeholder data with easy segmentation in one location

  • When a client fills in all the details of a contact form on the website, it was easily captured as Lead and stored in Zoho CRM for further action

  • Easy blueprint and workflow set up on Zoho CRM enabled an automatic process of associating one or multiple builders to each Lead or client

  • Most importantly, a quick search on Zoho CRM helped TrustCo view information much faster in comparison to the meticulous and time-consuming spreadsheets

  • The use of Burst SMS in Zoho CRM proved to be a cheap and efficient way to set up a communication line among stakeholders

  • The multichannel communication of emails + SMS proved to be more effective and quickly increased the response rate at TrustCo

  • Burst SMS equipped TrustCo to build ready-to-use SMS templates in order to save time and optimise the automation of the tool

  • When a client is added as a Lead in Zoho CRM, TrustCo associated it with 3 or more potential builders for the project. An SMS is sent out to those potential builders and depending on their responses, a perfect match is set for the client and a Deal is created. A series of SMS are sent during this process without human intervention.

  • Builders would reply YES or NO to each SMS. Short and to-the-point responses helped expedite the process and the journey of a client, leaving only the good ones to consider for a project.

Zoho Advisory Response


After the implementation of Zoho CRM, Burst SMS and Xero, TrustCo saw quick and effective results.

  • Zoho CRM gave TrustCo the organised platform of all stakeholder data and its user-friendly interface helped execute tasks faster

  • The SMS templates and automation created let TrustCo sit back and focus on projects instead of communication details

  • Creating and analysing reports was now easier. Making the right business decisions with the help of real-time analytics by tracking key performance indicators, current trends and future predictions based on wealth

  • Specific reports of builders were created to summarize their availability, jobs that are completed or in the pipeline or if there were any failed projects

  • The feature-rich and easily customisable CRM automated routine tasks making it easier to engage with stakeholders

  • Overall, TrustCo saved on time and money with an improved administration process resulting in business growth