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Email Templates Zoho CRM

Email communication is one of the most widely used form of communication.

One of the highly beneficial features of Zoho CRM is their email marketing. Email communication is one of the most widely used form of communication not just among employees and team members but also between the business and its clients.

ZOHO CRM Email templates allows you to send emails in a predefined format without having to repeat the formatting tasks multiple times. This is useful for organizations to standardize their mails across the organization.

In Zoho CRM email templates, users can view a list of all the available email templates before sending them. You can also mark a template as favorite from the list that appears.

Choose to view a preview of the template that you need before sending it. You get a consolidated view of the template analytics here. The percentage of Open rate, Click Rate and Bounce Rate for the different versions of the template are represented in the form of a chart.

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