About Hannah Direct Group:

Hannah Direct Group (HDG) is sales and marketing company. Established over 25 years ago, now with over 100 employees and contractors. HDG specializes on door to door marketing campaigns for various business sectors such Hair & Beauty, Automotive, Restaurants and more.


  • Sales admin team was not able to focus on sales closure.
  • Management does not have the visibility on the new business pipeline.
  • Marketing, lead generation and sales were not collaboratively functioning among the team and different business segments.
  • Managing two separate business line within single database
  • Data stored in various excel spreadsheets and applications.
  • Lack of tool to integrate leads, campaigns, customer relationship to understand business data for their clients.
  • Reduce duplication of work and data entry within sales admin team.
  • Data security


zoho campaigns
  • A CRM that integrates sales, contact management, operation, campaigns management, and reporting.
  • Customized online reporting to management and sales staff to prioritize actions to drive better sales closure
  • Single source for all data repository
  • Innovative practices to automate task flow, and marketing campaign monitor


  • Single source of data repository.
  • Huge reduction in duplicate data entry.
  • Transparent and easy communication across team members across the state.
  • More focus on marketing function rather than data management between various systems. Decisive steps to closely track sales and marketing investments.
  • Enables the client track the progress of every enquiry online (from sales to installations and services calls).
  • Management dashboard to articulate ground realities and choke points.


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