Zoho CRM: Innovating Customer Experience for the New Normal

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Zoho CRM – Innovating Customer Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of challenges to different types of businesses. Unfortunately, some enterprises have permanently stopped their operations.

Meanwhile, others are continuously striving and executing several strategies for their business to thrive.

Considering remote work is one thing that many companies have adapted to continue their operations. If your company is one of them, you might find some challenges in workflow management. The good news is that Zoho CRM has new features this year that can help you adapt effectively to the new normal.

Zoho CRM’s New Features for 2020

This year is indeed challenging for both business owners and employees. Not only has it affected their workflow processes, but it also provided challenges when it comes to work productivity. Zoho CRM is aware of these problems.

That’s why they have added new and useful custom functions to help you and your business. Utilizing these features can help you eliminate any barriers to your clients, creating better customer relationships.

Here are some of Zoho CRM’s newest features that you can integrate into your business:

Analytics App

With Zoho’s analytics app, you can easily access your CRM dashboards which are in sync with the latest metrics. Plus, you can easily view the information since dashboards are interactive, allowing you to lay them out based on your chosen parameters.

Call Customization

Using call customization enables you to record detailed and contextual information on all your calls. Thus, you can improve the quality of your conversations with your prospects. Besides, you can track significant details and use them to refine the follow-up conversations when needed.

Call and Email Workflows

This functionality triggers email notifications and fine-tuned follow-up emails. You can also receive missed call notifications and automate call reschedule emails.

Cohort and Quadrant Analysis

With cohort and quadrant analysis, you can organize any information.  This will allow you to determine the underlying trends in your sales data. You can group the sales and marketing data into cohorts, helping you identify the significant patterns in different groups. If the information is well-organized, it would be easier to find out which metrics are useful including customer retention.

Command Center

The command center makes it easier for you to create complex flows across modules, integrating third-party app actions whenever you need it. Besides, it also allows you to lead the customers on person-sized journeys based on their first interaction with your brand. Besides, you can monitor the metrics and identify which causes delays that affect your customer’s experience.

Customer Segmentation

This functionality allows you to segment customers depending on their purchase patterns. It uses the RFM model which stands for recency, frequency, and monetary value. You can use this valuable information to create targeted marketing campaigns. Doing so results in higher conversions and improved customer engagement.

Custom Signals

Custom signals can provide you with real-time notifications of all touch points from your contacts, leads, or potential clients. With these, you can get a complete view of your customer’s touchpoint. You can create the signals for customer interactions on third-party apps.

Marketing Attribution

Identify your marketing campaigns by linking sales and marketing data. Doing this gives you a high ROI. Besides, you can also determine which of the campaigns work best for each stage in your pipeline.

Multiple Pipelines

With multiple pipelines, you can manage sales processes for various parameters. What’s good about having them is you can customize each stage of the pipeline based on your organization’s requirements. Thus, you can get detailed reports that help you analyze the performance of each sales pipeline.

Prediction Builder

This feature enables you to create any predictions for any module of Zoho CRM. With this, you can improve sales decisions based on the created predictions.

The best part of the Zoho’s prediction builder is you can set it into a default predictive model based on your chosen parameter. Therefore, you can ensure the prediction accuracy.

Review Process

Verifying data before it enters Zoho CRM guarantees accuracy. With the review process, you can designate team members as reviewers and empower them to verify record information before they approve or reject it. 

Services and Appointments

Create a detailed service catalog for your business using this feature. You can also use the new module dedicated to service-based businesses. Doing so improves service delivery that satisfies the customers.

Webform Analytics and Testing

You can analyze web forms with statistics depending on the total generated leads. Not only that but you can also create visual charts to demonstrate the overall performance of your webforms.


Wizards can do magic for your business. This functionality simplifies record creation efforts. It also builds a sequence of small contextual data entry forms, helping salespeople to capture information efficiently.

Workflow Suggestions and Reports

This feature, you can determine the automation opportunities using Zia’s workflow suggestions. Aside from those features, you can also improve productivity by setting up workflows for your organization.

Zia for Email

You can do many things using Zia for email. First is creating activities and events. Thus, you can enrich customer data from email signatures. Not only that, but you can also prioritize your response by gauging customer sentiments.

Zia Recommendations and Assignments Suggestions

 Zia recommendations, you can improve the lead conversion rates. You can also receive recommendations for cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

It is not too late to integrate Zoho CRM into your business. Its newest features could be enough reason to give it a try. Learning how these custom functions and mastering how to utilize them can improve your business’s different processes. Zoho CRM has designed custom features ideal for any business type from building customer relationships to boosting sales. 

If you need help integrating Zoho CRM’s new features, you may have a free consultation with us. Meet our team of Zoho experts, and let’s develop an effective strategic plan for your business.

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