With Oscillosoft solutions, businesses are able to effectively improve:

Customer Databases

Centralise storage of customer information in a reliable database. Makes marketing and lead capturing more efficient.

Customer care and Billing

Make billing information easy to access and transform. Easily track client history, billing, and payment reminders.

Handling Disputes

Create one single case for each complaint, with a guide to help you. Easily access documentation and tracking of solution processes.

Customer Management in the IT & Telecommunications Industry

Businesses in the IT & Telecommunications industry require a reliable platform where they can connect to potential clients and provide efficient, convenient support to their subscribers.
With Oscillosoft and Zoho, IT & Telecommunications companies can implement systems within their organisation that allow each department to work together towards a single goal: growing the business and keeping their customers happy. The CRM provides robust functionality to lead a company into the future.
IT and Telecommunications industry
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Growing your Business with the Right CRM Solution

Oscillosoft aims to equip business owners with solutions that are fit for your business needs. Our team works towards the same goal as you do when designing, building, implementing and deploying custom-designed software and apps that improve your workflow and provide clarity and direction in your organisation.
We customise CRM platforms and sales tools to allows for a consistent approach to bidding and winning work. If you want to take your business to the next level, have a quick chat with our experts today.