Lead Management Software

Give your sales and management team the power to convert leads to paying customers with a lead management software that allows for increased productivity, solid lead pipelines, and improved customer conversions. Grow accounts, find customers, and close deals with Oscillosoft Lead Management Software solutions.


What Makes Lead Management Necessary?

Buying decisions take time. Even if you put a lot of work into attracting leads, it is necessary to manage them effectively until they grow into prospective buyers and you close the sale. Nurturing them is the key and this is where lead management comes in.
Lead management is a vital business process that combines tools with techniques to effectively generate leads, manage them, and track incoming sales opportunities.  These unqualified sales opportunities are collected in a variety of ways, including seminars, trade shows, advertisements, purchases from external sources and other marketing campaigns for the purpose of sales.
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Oscillosoft’s lead management software provides you the necessary tools and techniques for acquiring, tracking and nurturing leads throughout their entire life cycle.

At Oscillosoft, we set up lead management software solutions that:



Save time, money and effort. In order to achieve this it is important to make sure your sales team works only with leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers. Lead management software helps you filter qualified leads and gain more insight into the purchase behaviour of your customers.



Have a 360-overview of your leads. This will help you better understand how your marketing efforts bring in sales, and how you can bring in more. With lead management software you’ll see which content and channels brought in the most qualified leads so you can make smart marketing decisions and focus your inbound marketing activities to the campaigns that convert.



A good lead management can help you create a better experience for your prospects and leads. Lead management software allows you to deliver content tailored to your leads, making marketing communications more personalised and relevant.

Defining Lead Management Processes

Oscillosoft can help you develop Zoho CRM for lead management. The stages of our Zoho CRM lead management process are:

Lead Management Software Solutions Made Just For You

As every businesses faces unique challenges, business solutions must also be custom-fit. The flexibility of Oscillosoft’s lead management software can span from contact management capabilities all the way to a fully-integrated small business CRM system. Whether you are currently using a CRM or not, we can take your existing business systems and processes and optimise them for your business needs. We provide full-service CRM implementation that takes the hard work out of your business processes. Oscillosoft’s custom-built solutions give you exactly the features you need, because you deserve a lead management software solution made just for you.

Embracing a Unique Approach to Help Your Business Grow

At Oscillosoft, we enhance your business by developing a more responsive, more intuitive, more flexible CRM for sales management solutions built to suit your needs.
  • We are expert facilitators and problem solvers who believe the best sales management solutions begin with knowing our clients’ challenges and needs really well.
  • We ensure our custom business solutions are strongly tied to not only your current processes but also your business’ culture.
  • We do not build systems and leave. We guide and assist from design to deployment. Because as your trusted IT partner, we should only prosper when you do.
  • We understand that building a sustainable business of real value requires a hands-on approach. This boils down to a totally different approach to helping businesses grow. It requires true partnership focused on driving positive results for your business.
Our aim is simple – to help you work ON your business, not IN your business. It’s a mantra that inspire us to design, build, implement and deploy custom-designed business solutions that help entrepreneurs focused on driving business growth.