CRM Solutions for Nonprofit Organisations

Not all CRM solutions have the right features to cater for the challenges nonprofits face. Often nonprofits lack the financial resources, time, and manpower to customise a system for their needs. Fortunately, Oscillosoft, through years of experience, is able to derive and design solutions that effectively help nonprofit organisations from ground up.
Zoho Custom CRM Integration for nonprofit organisations includes tracking donors and foundations, managing volunteers, tracking attendance at educational workshops, managing outreach programmes and their beneficiaries, measuring results, as well as tracking project milestones and monetary setbacks. Our solutions aim to unify and simplify processes across departments to make sure that the entire organisation works together effectively.
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Benefits of Having a CRM Software for Nonprofit Organisations

Manage roles across departments
Have a centralised database that clarifies roles for each member of the organisation.
Collaborate and share
Your team works together using your centralised database.
Accessibility of data
On your centralised database up-to-date data is available to everyone instantly.
Better communication with donors
Track all information and communication using your centralised database.