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Oscillosoft Terms and Conditions

THIS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) applies to all services purchased on-line and originating from the OscilloSoft website or for services described on the OscilloSoft website and paid for by credit card, check or other payment method unless such service is subject to a previous written agreement between purchaser and OscilloSoft for such purchased services, or unless otherwise disclaimed below.

This Agreement is made and entered into as of the date purchaser completes the online payment process or the date payment is received for a covered service (the “Effective Date”) and is between the purchaser under the payment process (the “Client”) and OscilloSoft Pty LTD. (the “Service Provider”). This Agreement is accessible from Service Provider or online prior to Client completing its purchase and Client agrees it has had the opportunity to ask questions prior to completion of the purchase process.

In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

P1: Total outage to all users – worked continually until resolved

P2: Partial outage or multiple users impacts – worked behind P1 cases

P3: Single user impact – worked behind P1/P2 cases

P4: Question/new admin request – worked behind P1-P3 cases

OscilloSoft has proposed the business proposal based on current 3rd party applications i.e Zoho CRM platform. If the platform or environment changes, updates or upgrades then those change may impact current architecture and integration. This document does not cover 3rd Party applications environment changes as it unknown variable and needs to be managed ad-hoc basis. In the event of any 3rd party, environment changes it can be managed via Oscillosoft support (support@oscillosoft.com.au) and which will be treated as a new request, which will be based on hourly rate.

Service Level Agreement – There is two different service level agreements. Frist SLA is with the 3rd party vendors i.e Saasu, Zoho, Google etc. This can be found on the vendor website. The 2nd level SLA is with OscilloSoft, which is managed via support@oscillosoft.com.au. This is a package that is an optional extra can be taken post project implementation and charged at an hourly rate.

Any outstanding invoices can delay the project deadline. In some cases project will be halted until all payments are cleared.

Oscillosoft Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers information about the Oscillosoft website and related applications that link directly to this privacy policy including: https://www.oscillosoft.com.au, https://rto.oscillosoft.com.au or third parties that may post applications on https://www.oscillosoft.com.au. When applications are posted on https://www.oscillosoft.com.au it links to this privacy policy and this privacy policy applies. When applications are posted by third parties, the privacy policies of the third parties apply and this privacy policy is not applicable. All policies are directed to customers, partners and the company that they represent as a whole. When a customer signs off on any of these terms and conditions or policies, they would represent themselves as an individual as well as the company that they are part of.