Project Management tool by Zoho is an ideal application for small firms. It allows creation, scheduling, planning and collaboration among team members for fast completion of projects.
This Project Management tool will eliminate time delays in project completion. It is a useful application because:

  • Helps save time with its time tracking feature.
  • Reports and Gantt charts monitor project status.
  • Stores all project files in one place to avoid any file tracking through emails.
  • Dropbox sync.
  • Allows online project chat for better integration between team members.
  • Instant sharing of files enable better collaboration.
  • Allows synchronization of Google Calendar, Google Drive.

Our staff at Oscillosoft will use this Project Management tool to find a solution for every little and significant issue regarding your project. It will be possible by doing the following:

Listen to the Details of your Project and Provide Consultation

Our experts will look into your project from start to finish. They will highlight any bottle necks and delays which can be controlled by this tool.

Customize Interface to Suit Your Project

Staff at Oscillosoft will customize the software interface based on your needs and processes for project completion. Field will be added and removed depending on how you run the project.

Prepare Reports to Track Project Status

Using Gantt charts and reports, our experts will help you keep on track.

Provide Training for Complete Knowledge of the Tool

We will provide hands on training about the tool and all its benefits.
Take control of your projects with Zoho Projects.