Saasu Integration

Automate your accounting processes with Saasu. Make invoicing and payment reminder efficient and lesser time consuming. Integrate your Saasu with other apps. Contact an Expert at Oscillosoft today!


Saasu Accounting Software provides various functionalities at a value that most businesses can afford. Apart from invoicing and payment reminder, Saasu also provides insights to crucial business intelligence such as customer behaviour that helps formulate profitable sales strategies.


Saasu Online Accounting Software

Saasu is an all-in-one online accounting software to handle the financial system of a business. With its access in many countries, Saasu works free as well as with subscription fee. It is an industrially designed accounting software which is user friendly at the same time.
Saasu is an essential tool for your business because of the following reasons:
  • Enables you to create an invoice at any point during a sales transaction.
  • Makes it possible to manage inventory and supply chain management anywhere anytime.
  • Monitor bank accounts online.
  • Allows you to manage automated payroll.
  • Financial reporting possible at any time to view profits and cashflows.
  • Enables to collaborate with accountants, bookkeepers, customers and clients on regular basis.
  • Allows you to choose among 50 add-ons which connect with Saasu such as phone, post and sms, time tracking applications, analytics, etc.
Experts at Oscillosoft facilitate you to set up this accounting software for your business and make it a valuable addition to your firm. They help you by doing the following:
Provide Consultation by Understanding your Needs – Our staff listens to the details of your financial system and workflow management. It then provides consultation about the benefits of Saasu accounting software particularly for your company.
Saasu solves problems. Do you use spreadsheets to do your accounting? Maybe you have old style software missing all the convenience of the internet? Saasu online accounting is web based while also being fast, industrially designed and easy to use. We mind your business so you can build it. Life is too short to key data, Saasu Bank Feeds and Connectors help solve your time and accounting labour problems.


Grow your Business with the Right Software Solutions

Oscillosoft aims to equip business owners with solutions that are fit for your business needs. Our team works towards the same goal as you do and this inspired us to design, build, implement and deploy custom-designed software and apps that improve your workflow and provide clarity and direction in your organisation.
We customise platforms and sales tools that allows for a consistent approach to accounting particularly in invoicing and payment reminders. So if you want to take your business to the next level, have a quick chat with our experts today.