PHP is an Open Source technology. With the help of PHP, you may connect and can have control over the databases, create custom coded forms as well advanced business logic and business workflow. MySQL is one of the most utilized databases with PHP.

Features of PHP

  • As compared to other development platforms, PHP offers you a great pool of PHP developers. Extensive skills are readily available and very affordable for the businesses
  • PHP is the best web development platform for the small and medium enterprises
  • It works very well with different web technologies that include Javascript, CSS and HTML5
  • Since PHP is an open source platform, therefore there are a lot of security issues that business may encounter. However, such issues can be avoided by keeping in close contact with the developers.
  • Reliability is one of the great realities that makes the businesses use PHP MySQL. This is of course a reliable platform and that is why some of the leading websites are also using this platform which includes Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, Flickr, WordPress and many others.

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