Educational Business Management Solution

Horizon: Educational Business Management Solution

Horison is an Business Management and Business Intelligence solution made for Australian educational industry. Horizon has been proven among TAFE faculties as an easy to use with intuitive web based interface. It allows all employees even outside of finance to participate in financial planning and business analysis.

Horizon is without doubt one of the most user-friendly programs I have had the pleasure to use. Its data sheet entry components are extremely well set-out, as if the people who designed it actually knew how Section Managers would arrange it themselves. Self-populating and checking operations, drop-down calculations, slide-across budget summaries etc., all where they should be! And best of all, the submission process is simply brilliant – I can load and receive submission approvals within hours

– Dr. John R. Wylie (Head Teacher)

Horizon: Better Budgeting and Planning

Typical budgeting and planning cycle can require significant Finance resources. Automating your process means more finance and planning resources are devoted to critical strategic analysis, not just spreadsheet-jokering.
So, forget the hassles of managing multiple versions of spreadsheets and worrying about data integrity issues and broken links with Horizon. Provide a central repository and all users can work from a single version of truth, so you know your data is right, 100% of the time. Automating your process helps you improve accuracy so actual results are close enough like many other Australian Educational Institutes, and you can re-forecast as the market changes with ease.

Make Better, More Informed Decisions, Faster

Today’s landscape is fast-paced and continues to accelerate – new offerings, new competitors and new rules in government’s educational fundings. This means your financial plan also needs to be responsive to change.
The best-run institutes have streamlined the budgeting and forecasting process so it’s more collaborative agile, and flexible, enabling Finance to manage changes. Aberdeen’s recent survey shows that among these institutes 76% use the most up-to-date business drives to forecast on demand and 94% are able to deliver financial reports in the time needed to impact critical decisions.

Drive Real Competitive Advantage with Horizon

But the reality is many institutes are struggling with their planning. According to Aberdeen’s survey 89% still rely on spreadsheets and are stuck in Excel hell, with Finance struggling to compile multiple spreadsheets and consolidate data across faculties and funds. Even worse, according to Forrester 90% of spreadsheets contains serious errors, often due to broken links and data integrity issues. Spreadsheets just don’t scale and they’re not secure.

Made for Australian Education Industry


Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Provides budgeting and forecasting for delivery & non-delivery cost centers
  • Reduce errors, improve accuracy
  • Produce timely reporting and analysis, including what-if scenarios
  • Deliver frequent rolling forecasts
  • Ability to roll over from previous budget
  • Better, faster, more-informed business decisions
  • Ability to customise loadings based on fund & demography.

Product Design

  • Ability to design and forecast product feasibility
  • Ability to use different resource costing when analysing What-if scenario analysis
  • Comprehensive approval process
  • Seamless integration with budgeting & forecasting


  • Make it easy for managers to submit, approve, & reject plans
  • Control who can modify plan data, and when it can be modified
  • Use powerful group level approvals in complex VETs
  • Visibility into approval status across entire organization
  • structure with planning, budgeting & forecasting Use easily customizable email alerting when plan status changes

Revenue Planning

  • Driver-based forecasting, revenue planning
  • Calculate revenue recognition
  • Revenue planning
  • Ability to monitor capping and actuals

Expense Transfer

  • Ability to capture Month by Month expenses
  • Comprehensive approval process
  • Facility to export journals
  • Comprehensive summary view for month by month expense
  • Ability to monitor budget variance

Rolling Forecasts

  • Continuously optimize decision making with frequent rolling forecasts for better sales planning
  • Automatically and frequently import actual data from other systems
  • Use multiple versions to analyze performance & what-if scenarios
  • Combine bottom-up & top-down budget planning


  • Interact with easy-to-use yet sophisticated modeling environment
  • Easily create and maintain complex user profile with no programming required
  • Dynamic, powerful and highly configurableGL structure
  • Customising overheads
  • Customize budget target interface for different end-users
  • Control permissions and access rights of users