Customer Support by the Service Provider

Once you have outsourced your IT operations to a third party or you are using some of their products to run your system, obviously you may come across certain complications. It’s natural and it happens especially if you are not very familiar with the technology being used by the service provider.

Customer support of the service provider may help you the following ways

  • Technical customer support helps the users to solve the specific issues which they encounter while using any of the products
  • Technical support may be delivered over the phone, email and live support through a website.
  • It can be onsite training as well. All, it depends on the terms decided among the clients/customers and the service provider
  • Support offered by the service provider will depend on the severity of the issues

Support Offered by Oscillosoft

To run your IT operations, you are using a number of applications that may include Zoho CRM, Zoho Report, Zoho Campaign, Google Apps, SAASU, so on and so forth. Oscillosoft will act as your training tool to teach you, how to operate and make the best use of all these products for your business.

Our experts will do this job the following ways

Onsite Training

Depending on what kind of assistance you require, we may arrange on-site training sessions for your employees.Support through Videos

After a lot of efforts and research, our team of professionals has developed some videos that can surely benefit your business. You can easily learn, ‘how to handle and operate different products’.

Interactive Tutorials

We may offer you support through our extensively produced interactive tutorials to learn more about our products.

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