How to Use Zoho CRM’s Custom Functions for Potential Name Automation

/How to Use Zoho CRM’s Custom Functions for Potential Name Automation

Here’s how you can use Zoho CRM’s custom functions for potential name automation:

1. On Setup, click Workflow Rules and then Create Rule. Afterwards, select the module you want to apply the rule to. Enter your rule name and description then click Next.

2. Determine when you want to execute the rule. If you want to execute it upon creation, click Create (under On a Record Action) and select Records Matching the Conditions. Click Next.

3. Tap Custom Function under Instant Action to find a list of existing custom functions. If you’re creating a new custom function, click on New Deluge and write your own function.

4. Click Edit Arguments to use free flow scripting. Change your method name and add an argument. Type in your code afterwards. Hit Save and Execute to test the code.

5. If the code works, the potential name will be updated automatically when you add a potential and refresh the page.

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