MessageMedia Integration with Zoho CRM

/MessageMedia Integration with Zoho CRM

With MessageMedia Integration, you can now send and receive SMS messages directly inside Zoho CRM.

MessageMedia is one of the leading messaging solutions for businesses and enterprises. With this service, businesses are able to send and receive SMS text messages to their potential clients whenever and wherever. SMS marketing has long been used by marketers to improve connection not just with potential clients but also with existing ones.

Now that it’s integrated with Zoho CRM, you can automate your business communication and handle leads effectively.

Zoho is one of the world’s leading, user friendly CRM systems with hundreds of integrations including email marketing apps, accounting and invoicing software, and other features.

In this video, you’ll see how we fully integrated MessageMedia Gateway http://www.messagemedia.com.au into Zoho CRM, allowing you:

  • to send SMS
  • see SMS history
  • create SMS message templates
  • customised internal notes
  • Mass send or bulk send SMS in a customised view or list
  • Recieve SMS reply back in CRM against the LEAD or CONTACT
  • much more

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