Monthly Webinar #1

/Monthly Webinar #1

Using Smart Web-Forms to Capture Leads in Zoho CRM

We start off our Monthly Webinar series by delving into Smart Webforms and how you can use them in Zoho CRM to capture and bring in more leads for your business.

As anyone with any experience in business development and marketing would tell you, lead generation plays a crucial role in sustaining any business.

This obvious importance, then gives rise to the already existing, vast number of tools available to help you attain your lead and sales quotas for the month, and once the usual emails are sent out and a tasteful web presence is curated, BDM staff are left searching for that one “strat” to set them apart. The piece of tech that will give them an edge in the rat race.

And this is where these tools, littered with marketing jargon come in.

Landing pages, surveys, webforms, sign-up forms, contact forms, the list is endless.

The focus of this webinar is to filter out that limitless list by giving you an insight into how smart webforms can be used to bring leads into your CRM. It covers a vast array of concepts and use cases including the creating and deploying smart webforms through Zoho CRM, type of webforms you can use, running tests and analytics on via these webforms and more !

In one line, we dive into how these webforms can be analysed to convert simple pick list options into valuable customer information for you and your business.

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