Monthly Webinar #10

/Monthly Webinar #10

Driving Business Insight With Zoho Analytics

So far our webinars have covered specific uses of a specific set of applications, ranging from setting up automations and workflows in your Zoho CRM to achieving targetted marketing using Zoho Campaigns. In contrast, this webinar sets the scene for a more technical, application base rundown of the topic this month.

In it, we uncover the potential of one of the most intuitive, sought-out apps available to you in the Zoho One suite, and show you how you can implement its function-specific capabilities to improve a range of KPIs including marketing checkpoints to social media engagement. And you’ve somehow missed the title of this webinar by now, we’re talking about Zoho Analytics, or more specifically, how you drive business insight with it.

Starting off with the basics, we take a look at understanding what reporting is, i.e, what exactly the primary function of Zoho Analytics enables you to do. Then we dive straight into Zoho Analytics, checking out how KPI tracking works to set up a dashboard view with all relevant analytics. Finally, as with all our webinars, this one includes a firsthand demo, where we focus on dashboard views, marketing funnels and SQL options in Zoho Analytics.

The Agenda is as follows :

  • Zoho Analytics First Look : What it is and What it can do for you

  • Setting Up an Analytics Dashboard

  • Drag & Drop Data Sets

  • Complex SQL Capabilities

So, if any of these topics perked your ears, give the recording a watch and stay tuned for the next webinar in our Monthly Webinar series !
(Hint : The topic was mentioned in this one)

Notable Links : 

Zoho Analytics connections list: https://www.zoho.com/analytics/featured-connectors.html

Dashboard Options : https://analytics.zoho.com/workspace/sample

More Complex SQL capabilities : https://www.zoho.com/analytics/help/query-tables.html

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