Monthly Webinar #4

/Monthly Webinar #4

How To Build a Zoho Form & Integrate It To Zoho CRM

In this month’s webinar, we cover the basics of Zoho Forms. From discussing their importance, to how you can make them straight out of the box using Zoho. Building on the idea behind smart-webforms, discussed back in our first webinar, where we discussed the implications of smart webforms using Zoho CRM, this webinar builds on the importance of webforms in capturing leads for your business using Zoho Forms.

Zoho Forms is Zoho’s dedicated form building application, allowing you to do a lot more with your forms than just make them. It gives you the power to build forms, share them online and to collect and manage data from these forms.

As a part of the the Zoho One Suite, it also has inherent integrating capabilities with a more than a handful of premium Zoho Applications like Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Social.

This webinar aims to give you an overview of Zoho Forms, outlining it’s basics and advanced functionalities of Zoho Forms, and is set up to make sure you know how to get the most out of using Zoho Forms, from building subforms to setting up conditional rules in the forms, you’re bound to run into some insights !

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