Monthly Webinar #5

/Monthly Webinar #5

Collect Customer Informations Efficiently by Segmenting The Sections & Fields into Smart Forms in Your Zoho CRM

This month’s webinar, we cover how your sales team can be enabled to efficiently capture customer data by utilising Zoho CRM’s resident automating tool, Zoho CRM Wizard

Studies show that a sales rep spends about 4 hours each a week entering data in CRM and that any further inaccuracy or missing data can negatively impact up to 25% of the business total revenue. So it’s safe to say that the need for CRM automation in the context of data entry is a must have for “sales reps” to at the very least, make their lives easier. 

Hence, it is critical that we establish a standardised process to achieve this, one that converts the amount of time wasted putting in the data into spending time to see what the data might mean and how it can be used? And this is where Wizard comes in. 

How can you make sure that the right data points are being filled out and the desired fields are being populated. Is there a way to consolidate all that data coming in from the client straight to you CRM, effectively hurdling over any human limitations ? Now, that’s where this webinar comes in.

This month, our webinar aims to give you an overview of how Zoho CRM’s Wizard can be used and to provide you with an understanding of the potential it might have for your business.

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