Monthly Webinar #6

/Monthly Webinar #6

Automate Your Tasks, Emails, Calls & Alerts For Improved Productivity Using Workflows in Zoho CRM

Unanswered calls? Missing follow-ups? If your business goes through these on a regular basis chances are, you’re looking to make a change, because let’s face it, one missed email now is 5 potentially lost clients later on. And that’s what this month’s webinar is all about.

This month, we identify the issues with the sheer volume of traffic and required process management in today’s businesses and the growing need for automation in the modern landscape.

As a matter of fact, automation and workflows have seen a substantial increase in use over the last few years and according to Social Media’s Today 2019 State of Marketing Automation Survey Report, 75% of companies employ some degree of marketing automation.

Furthermore, in the context of the effectiveness of automation, an Invespro blog, showed that 80% of marketers report a shoot in leads and 77% say conversions have increased after employing automation.

These stats show us that automation and workflows are here to stay and are only getting more complex and potentially, even more powerful. That’s why in this month’s webinar, we went back to the basics of automated workflows and how you can use them in Zoho CRM.

We then slid in a couple of use cases for these workflows to give viewers a little more of a relatable context to implementing automation into their processes through their CRM.

So, tune in, give our recording a watch and let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

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