Monthly Webinar #7

/Monthly Webinar #7

Target & Engage Your Audience Through Zoho Email Marketing

The struggles of email marketing are something all marketers can empathise with. Sending out mass emails in itself is a process to be reckoned with and when that falls short in a guaranteed influx of leads, it sometimes feels futile to even try. And that’s where this month’s webinar comes in.

With the number of emails worldwide being sent on a daily rising from 306.4 Billion a day in 2020 to a projected 333.2 Billion a day in 2022, email marketing is clearly well-sought out and that means there’s definitely a need to focus and streamline the entire process to ensuring steady lead generation.

And this month’s webinar shows you how to do that. Through Zoho!

The webinar agenda is designed to give you an in-depth look into how Email Marketing works through Zoho and how the cyclic, unnecessarily long process involved in email marketing can be severely mitigated, allowing you to focus on guaranteeing the outcome of the process instead.

We cover topics as broad as subscriber management to understanding more complicated functions like autoresponders and workflows.

Here’s a list of what we go through :

  • How to manage subscribers and contact lists

  • Sending out campaigns

  • Designing newsletter templates.

  • Merging tags and fields from Zoho CRM.

  • How automating campaigns work.

  • Curating autoresponders specifically for your clients

So, if you’re dealing with convoluted, manual email marketing procedures that you’re dying to change, or if you’re only vaguely interested too, give the webinar recording a watch!

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