Monthly Webinar #9

/Monthly Webinar #9

Learn How To Maximise Your Social Media Reach Using Zoho Social

With constant changes in the way businesses work and operate today, one thing remains consistent, the climb of social media.

Using social media for promotions and marketing has become a basic need for business survival. Infact, in this day and age, social media marketing has cultivated it’s own ecosystem of techniques and marketing trends, that can be seen used by big time house hold names such as Playstation and Domino’s.

Navigating through this rich field of options thus poses a new type of challenge to marketers and businesses, one that requires time and effort. One that adds to the already existing pressures of pushing out content and meeting KPI deadlines, all while ensuring you’re all up to date and trendy. And that’s where Zoho Social & this webinar comes in.

In this month’s webinar, we show you how to use Zoho Social to automate the more repetitive of these marketing checklisters. As an incredible tool that connects social media channles enabling the likes of automatic publishing, scheduled posts, we give you a hands on demo in how it works and how to work it !

The agenda items include :

  • Creating and scheduling posts

  • Monitor and collaborate social media channels.

  • A look into the CRM – Zoho Social integration.

  • Insights into KPI measures

So, if any of these topics perked your ears, give the recording a watch and stay tuned for the next webinar in our Monthly Webinar series!

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