OscilloSoft Extension Webinars #3

/OscilloSoft Extension Webinars #3

Simplify Your SMS Process Directly Through Your CRM Using Our ZohoCRM2ClickSend Extension

This month’s extension webinar features an extended functionality of Zoho CRM’s automated conversions capacity. As a close relative of the lead to deals or potentials conversion, the relevance of a lead to vendor process is often overlooked. Be it due to there being fewer vendors than deals in a business, or because it’s just a potential hassle, it’s still a necessity. And that’s where our Lead 2 Vendor extension comes in.

The extension makes more than just a data transfer available at the click of a button. It lets you do a lot more in filtering the data and ensuring an effective automated response in conversions. That’s what this webinar focuses on. It gives you an overview of how you can do this with an exhaustive tutorial designed agenda, covering both the basic and advanced versions of the extension.

Webinar Agenda :

  • Sending and receiving SMS directly through a record and in bulk.

  • Checking SMS Histories and Timelines

  • Creating SMS Templates

  • Setting up Event Reminders

So, if any of these topics perked your ears, give the recording a watch and stay tuned for the next webinar in our OscilloSoft Extension Webinar series !
(Hint : The topic was mentioned in this one)

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