OscilloSoft Extension Webinars #2 – Burst SMS Webhooks

/OscilloSoft Extension Webinars #2 – Burst SMS Webhooks

Automate Your SMS Marketing Process Using Zoho CRM Webhooks

In this webinar, we take a closer look at a specific function within our Zoho CRM 2 Burst SMS extension, we’ll be looking at webhooks. As the second instalment to OscilloSoft’s Extension Webinar Series, we take a further in-depth look at our Zoho CRM 2 Burst SMS extension, going through the basics of webhooks, and how they can be used in your business, in the context of Zoho CRM & Burst SMS.

So, for a brief intro, What are Webhooks? These “data packages” are essentially a means of connecting two different web applications which can be used in various capacities, from automating workflows to creating the extension being used to facilitate the automation (ahm ahm, Zoho 2 Burst SMS).

As such, this webinar focuses on how these webhooks can be used to improve business process automation and in turn streamline how it’s conducted.

We go through the basics of how they work to they can be created and implemented straight through your Zoho CRM, followed by linking them to Burst SMS automations.

Webinar Agenda :

  • Webhooks & what they are

  • Use Cases of Webhooks

  • Creating a Webhook

  • Associating a webhook to a workflow

  • Testing the webhooks

So, give the video a watch if webhooks are of particular interest to you, and let us know if we could’ve explained anything any better! Feedback is always appreciated!

And as always, stay tuned for upcoming webinars in our OscillloSoft Extension Webinar series!

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